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19 Things to Do and See on THC in Orlando

person high in orlando

Millions of people make Orlando a vacation destination every year. In fact, did you know that over 59 million people visited Orlando in 2021 alone? When you start to learn about all the things to do in Orlando, it’s not hard to see why it draws so many visitors every year. When most people think of Orlando, Walt Disney World comes to mind. Many of the world’s most famous theme parks are located in Orlando, Florida, including the Universal Orlando resort. And for people who love to spend one or several days enjoying shows, great food, and exciting rides at theme parks, Orlando certainly delivers. And Disney World is just the start. But there is much more to the Orlando area than theme parks and roller coasters. The City of Orlando is full of fun activities and adventures, whether you prefer to spend time indoors or explore the beautiful natural wonders and wildlife. If you are a local resident and you have a medical marijuana card, there are many things to do in Orlando. Also, if you are visiting from another state and you are a registered medical marijuana patient, we’ve got some helpful suggestions to find fun things to do. We’ll also share some advice about local strains of medical cannabis that may pair well with your vacation plans. Because Florida also has amazing medical cannabis cultivators and dispensaries that you can also explore.

Is It Legal to Visit an Orlando Cannabis Dispensary?

Currently, recreational or adult-use cannabis is not legal in the State of Florida. That means you must be a resident or have a temporary visitor’s medical card (more on that later) to legally purchase or possess medical marijuana. You can visit any dispensary you want to in Florida if you are at least twenty-one (21) years of age or older. However, if you want to purchase cannabis from the dispensary, you have to present two types of identification; a government-issued photo card and a valid Medical Marijuana Use Registry (MMUR) Identification Card. If you do not have an MMUR Identification Card, you will not be permitted to purchase from any dispensary in the state. Having a permanent resident or temporary (visitor) card provides legal protection for patients. It grants you the right to buy, possess and use medical cannabis according to Florida state laws.

Possession of Cannabis Without a Medical Card Could Mean Problems

Possession of cannabis without being a registered patient in Florida is a criminal offense. While some states offer reciprocity for patients with a medical card from another state, Florida does not. Possession of 20 grams or less of cannabis in Florida is a misdemeanor charge that is punishable by a maximum of one (1) year in jail and a maximum fine of $1,000. Individuals without a valid medical card found to possess more than 20 grams of cannabis may face five years of incarceration and a maximum fine of $5,000. Larger quantities of cannabis can mean a first-degree felony charge and up to thirty (30) years in prison. It is important for patients to follow OMMU regulations with regard to possession limits. Patients who have allowed their Florida medical marijuana card to expire also forfeit the legal protections and can be charged with possession. So, whether you are a resident, a tourist, or a seasonal “snowbird” staying for a few months in Florida, make sure you have a valid medical card to avoid legal problems.

Places That Are Illegal to Possess or Use MMJ in Orlando Florida

For public safety, there are many places where patients with a Florida medical marijuana card cannot consume cannabis. Whether you have a patient card as a permanent resident or a temporary visitor card, you need to make sure you are aware of the restrictions to avoid legal problems. Some people may believe that when they have a medical marijuana card in Florida, they can smoke or consume cannabis edibles anywhere they want to. That is not the case. And you can face a criminal charge if you are found using cannabis in public. Having a valid Medical Marijuana Use Registry (MMUR) Identification Card won’t protect you if you use cannabis in a restricted public space. And that is something both patients and temporary residents need to understand. Your car also does not count as a “private residence,” so take precautions. According to Florida Senate Bill 8A, residents may not use medical marijuana in the following locations:

  • on any type of public or private transportation.
  • in any public space (this includes outdoor areas like parks, beaches, etc.).
  • in any workplace (unless the employer has provided permission).
  • inside or close to any preschool, primary school, or secondary school.
  • on a school bus or any vehicle transportation for minors.
  • inside an airport or on an aircraft.
  • on or near any kind of watercraft.
  • in a hotel or motel.
  • in or near any federal building (including the post office, police, military, libraries, and more).
  • in any National Park (federally owned land).

Patients are required to transport the purchased medical cannabis from a dispensary to their homes to consume. You may risk criminal charges if you are found in the possession of a cannabis container that is unsealed or open.

Where Can You Take Medical Marijuana In Orlando?

Unlike states that have legalized adult-use (recreational) weed, Florida has some strict laws about where you can consume medical marijuana. The list of locations where you are legally permitted to use medical marijuana is much shorter than where it is restricted. At the time of writing, patients with a valid Medical Marijuana Use Registry (MMUR) Identification Card may consume cannabis at home. And on private property with the consent of the property owner. Outside of your residence, another property is not considered protected or a legal place where you can consume medical cannabis. For example, it is illegal to consume cannabis in your car, truck, or boat. Hotels generally will not allow smoking cannabis on the premises. It is rare to find a hotel room that allows smoking in general because of the fire code and safety laws. However, there are AirBNB-like services that can connect you to Florida villas or vacation home rentals that may be 420-friendly. Services like hiBnB or BudAndBreakfast.com may have Orlando vacation rental listings. These private residences allow patients with medical cards to consume cannabis on the premises with the owner’s consent. Surprisingly, TripAdvisor also has listings that are 420-friendly for local residents or vacationing tourists. Sort of. You can search for hotels, motels, or even private residences for rent that allow smoking inside. And if you have a medical card, the smoke-friendly hotels may not mind cannabis use as well.

Traveling With Cannabis and Personal Protection (Arms)

Another important thing for Florida patients (or visiting tourists with a temporary medical card) to remember are the laws pertaining to firearms and cannabis. Even if you have a valid medical card and you are consuming cannabis at your residence, you may still be at legal risk if you have a firearm on the property. While you have a Fourth Amendment right that protects all Americans against unlawful searches or seizures, the “smoking gun” combination of weed and firearms can result in a felony conviction. If you are seen by law enforcement with cannabis, and a firearm weapon, it can result in charges, according to federal and state law. The restrictions on firearm ownership for patients with a medical cannabis card may change in the future. But for now, many patients are bypassing gun ownership to avoid legal problems if they choose to use medical marijuana.

Things to Do in Orlando Florida

When you visit Orlando, it helps to have a list of fun activities to check out! First and foremost, you should come and visit our orlando office and meet our amazing staff. If you are a “space geek,” you don’t want to miss visiting the famous Kennedy Space Center. Universal Studios is another popular destination, especially for Harry Potter fans who want to immerse in the wizarding world for family fun. Universal Studios draws millions of tourists every year. From learning more about aquatic creatures and sea life in Orlando aquarium to Disney World and Discovery Cove, there are many opportunities to get a behind-the-scenes tour. There are islands of adventure, day trip opportunities, Hollywood studios, thrill rides, golf courses, and eco-adventures worth exploring. If you use medical cannabis on a daily basis, the theme park capital of Florida offers water parks, amusement park rides, and even Jurassic park excitement. Think… Sativa, as an edible, could power you through a busy but stress-free day. But if you are looking for something as energetic as a lazy river, there are also relaxing things to do in Orlando. Like taking an airboat tour through the everglades. Or check out some exotic native Florida wildlife at a local petting zoo, which can provide a blissful slowdown with the right Indica or hybrid strain. Think you have done it all when it comes to vacationing in Florida? Check out our top twenty-five recommendations for things to do in Orlando.

1. Alligator Watching at Black Hammock

Watching Alligators is fun. Even local residents rarely get tired of seeing a big gator in a nature preserve setting. Sea life Orlando aquarium is fun, but there is something exhilarating about seeing gators in the wild. Alligator watching at Black Hammock is a popular stop for locals and tourists. Yep, you are going to see some Alligators, either at the Black Hammock or on a boat tour. So, if you’ve taken a puff or two, or an edible, mind your hands and feet. Humans aren’t the only critters that get “the munchies” in Florida. There are even nine different vacation homes that you can rent if you want to stay on the resort and by the water. Don’t be intimidated by the names like “Gator Cove” or “Gator Lodge.” You shouldn’t have any unexpected and toothy guests if you stay over. What people really love about Black Hammock is the organization’s commitment to education and the environment. In 2021, Black Hammock was part of the Lake Jesup cleanup project. The staff spent over six months helping to filter toxic algae out of Lake Jesup. The algae are recycled for consumer products like shoes and biofuel. Have you ever tried gator or catfish for lunch? The Black Hammock restaurant is famous for its gator tail. There is also a cool Lazy Gator Bar where you can hang out and enjoy some adult beverages. It has a great waterfront patio you can relax on too. Medical Strains to Try

  • Florida OG
  • Super Lemon Haze
  • Bubba’s Gift

2. Kayak or Snorkel at Blue Spring State Park

Sometimes described as “heaven on earth,” a trip to Blue Spring State Park will feel like a tropical paradise. Because it is one, with beautiful palms and pristine water features, nature and the bluest water you can imagine. A paradise, just a short trip from downtown Orlando.

The state park has an interesting history. It was established back in 1972 to help protect the St. Johns River manatees. Before it was made into a state park, it was a crowded and overfished local and tourist fishing camp. As few as eight (8) manatees could be found there before it was made a protected area. Now, it is a refuge for all local wildlife. Natural vegetation was regrown, and old docks and fishing huts were demolished to make it a better habitat. And the manatees came back in large numbers. Today you can take a boat up the St. Johns River to Blue Spring State Park. You can also swim, kayak and picnic there. Or use the four-mile hiking trail to immerse yourself in nature and wildlife. You can also rent affordable cabins if you want to commune with nature. The best time to visit Blue Spring State Park is April through October if you plan on swimming or boating. But if you are hoping to catch a crowd of manatees, aim to visit the park from November to March. Because it is prime manatee season, there is no swimming or boating during that time, but you can camp and hike. And seeing the peaceful manatees playing in the water is much better than trying to navigate around them in a kayak. Remember that cannabis use or possession is prohibited on federal property. And that includes State Parks, even if you have a medical card. So make sure you wake and bake before you head to kayak or snorkel at Blue Spring State Park. Medical Strains to Try

  • Ice Cream Gelato
  • Acapulco Gold
  • Zuper Bubble

person in kayak

3. Wild Florida Drive-Thru Safari

Convince a friend or family member to do the driving, so you can relax and enjoy the car ride through the Wild Florida Drive-Thru Safari. Bring a pillow because the tour takes some time as you meander through different habitat zones, including tropical, North American deciduous forests and the African savanna. The safari routes are not a long drive from downtown Orlando, and you get 170 acres of natural animal habitat featuring over 150 native and exotic animals. The preserve allows the animals to roam freely while you observe them relaxing in the cage-free environment. This also means a convertible vehicle or motorcycle is not permitted. You need to be in a hardtop car, truck, or SUV to drive through. Just remember, as you are driving through, to pay close attention to the park rules. Visitors cannot roll down their windows for their own safety. Feeding the animals on the safari is prohibited; you definitely don’t want a pack of monkeys sitting on your car! It’s not a petting zoo, so make sure you follow the instructions provided. Some of the animals you will see on the safari tour include:

  • Amerian bison
  • Mouflon sheep
  • Giraffes
  • Zebra
  • Eland antelope
  • Scimitar oryx

When you take the safari, you are not limited to just sitting in your car. You may want to stick to Sativa for this trip because you’ll have the opportunity to do some walking. Visit the gator park, feed giraffes from a platform, and enjoy other interactive exhibits. The gator park and enclosures featuring 200 animals are also included with your safari pass.

Animal Encounters

You can pay a little extra (if you are brave) and get up close and personal with some of Florida’s native and international exotic wildlife on your safari. The Wild Florida Drie-Thru Safari offers Animal Encounter packages, including:

  • Wild sloths.
  • Giraffe Painting (the giraffe paints a picture for you).
  • Gator feeding.
  • Albino gator training encounter.
  • VIP reptile encounter.
  • African crested porcupine adventure.
  • Dine with Crusher (private lunch with a celebrity alligator).
  • Ring-tailed lemur encounter.

One person in your group will have to drive, but you can try vaping or taking an edible before you leave your house or hotel to fully relax during your Florida safari. Just remember to stay away from strains that might trigger paranoia. Medical Strains to Try

  • Guru #10
  • Runtz
  • 24K Blue Dream

4. Kennedy Space Center

Live the experience of “one giant step for mankind” by visiting the Kennedy Space Center. The Kennedy Space Center is one of only 10 NASA field centers in the United States. And it is a “multiuser spaceport” that has more than 90 private sector partners and over 250 corporate and research partnerships. In short, it’s a big deal for global science and research. If you are lucky enough to time your trip to the Kennedy Space Center, you could witness the launch of research vessels and rockets that continue space exploration. There is a calendar on the website with a schedule of launch dates, so you can plan ahead of time. What many people don’t know is that the Kennedy Space Center does more than launch rockets and satellites. The scientists at KSC are busy studying commercial and government goals to work and live on the surface of the moon and the potential to colonize other planets. Kennedy Space Center has a special program called “Swamp Works,” where it develops devices and robotics to use on space missions. You know those really cool remote all-terrain vehicles that can be sent to Mars to drill for and collect samples? If you like tech, make sure you check out the Swamp Works lab to see the next generation of extraterrestrial robots. It is something you can stare a long (long) time at and stay amused. Medical Strains to Try

  • Apocalypto
  • 5th Element
  • Acid Dough

space shuttle

5. The Outta Control Magic and Comedy Show

Who doesn’t love a good magic show? Add to that some great family-friendly comedy, and you have a great outing when you want to take a break from Orlando theme parks. The Outta Control Magic and Comedy Show is actually the longest-running dinner show in Orlando! This isn’t the kind of show where you just sit there, either. There is plenty of audience interaction! You will be served a delicious unlimited fresh, hand-tossed pepperoni and cheese pizza. Salads, beverages, and desserts are also served during the show. There are other fun things to try, including an indoor ropes course, which is a glow-in-the-dark activity. For kids, there are WonderZones, which are family-friendly activities, and laser tag. The schedule has an average of one dinner show per day, so you won’t have to worry about missing the opportunity if you are visiting Orlando’s theme parks, Lake Eola, or the World of Harry Potter. You are sure to find the opportunity to squeeze one of these great dinner shows into your schedule. Medical Strains to Try

  • Magic Night
  • Harry Potter
  • Blissful Wizard

6. Walt Disney World® Resort

The largest tourist draw to Orlando is, without question, Walt Disney World. Of all the theme parks in America, Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando has become an icon park that draws visitors from around the world. If you are visiting the Orlando area, chances are you’ll make time to visit Walt Disney World at least once. But one day is often not enough to really do all of the activities that Disney World offers. It is larger than any of the other major theme parks in Florida. Including Universal Studios. Some of the activities you may want to add to your Disney vacation in Orlando are:

  • Seven Seas Lagoon
  • Fantasia Gardens and Fairways
  • Disney Springs
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  • Epcot
  • Disney Animal Kingdom
  • Avatar Flight of Passage
  • Disney Parks and Waterslides

Whether you are planning to visit solo or schedule a family outing, Walt Disney World offers a magic kingdom of activities. And you can also stay at a hotel or camping spot provided by Disney World and enjoy all the fun of the magic kingdom. Medical Strains to Try

  • Snow White
  • Cinderella 99
  • Alice in Wonderland

disney entrance

7. WonderWorks Orlando

It would be hard to miss WonderWorks if you were driving by the building. After all, the brick, the doors, and the facade of an upside-down house are definitely eye-catching. But what is waiting inside the walls is even more exciting. If you are traveling with family, there are kid-friendly activities like the Natural Disasters area. First, you walk through a spinning vortex door into the forces of Mother Nature. From hurricane-force winds to a 5.3 magnitude destructive earthquake, gravity-defying water droplets, and more. If you are the type of person that likes to experience rather than just observe, then WonderWorks will be a fun excursion for you. And you’ll learn a lot of things you didn’t know. Science is fun! Visiting WonderWorks after taking medical marijuana might not be advised. There are many hands-on activities that require balance and alertness. Choose your strain wisely if you are going to walk through WonderWorks. Medical Strains to Try

  • Cannatonic
  • Pennywise
  • Suzy Q

8. The Asylum Escape Room

Are you cool under pressure? If you love the “thrill of the chase” and puzzles, you’ll probably love visiting the Asylum Escape Room. We know you are probably thinking it’s the “same old” kind of escape room, but this one has a macabre twist! The Asylum Escape Room draws you into something like a murder mystery. You are immersed in the history of the “Oakridge Lunatic Asylum,” hunting clues and fighting your way out of the high-adrenaline situations. Sativa? Definitely Sativa because you are going to have to keep on your toes and connect the dots to successfully solve the mystery. And get out of the Asylum Escape Room. One of the other great things about this attraction is that they provide hotel or home-to-venue and return shuttles for guests. Medical Strains to Try

  • Ghost Train Haze
  • Laughing Buddha
  • Jack the Ripper

9. Universal Studio’s Volcano Bay Water Theme Park

Deep in the heart of Universal Orlando Resort is a tropical-themed rainforest and water park that is a must-visit. The Universal Studios Volcano Bay waterpark is built around a 200-foot-tall volcano, which is named Krakatau. A scaled-down version of the Krakatau volcano in the Sunda Strait in Indonesia. Inside the caldera of the raging (Hollywood) volcano are three terrifying drop capsule waterslides. You know, the ones where you step into a plastic shute and cross your arms over your chest and … yes, that kind. Most people don’t think of waterslides when they consider all the fun activities at Universal Studios. The Ko’okiri Body Plunge is actually the tallest body slide in the United States. It is 125 feet tall for an exhilarating plunge. There are two other water slides that are much slower and more relaxing; the Kala & Tai Nui Serpentine Body Slides. You can enjoy a little more scenery on the way down as the serpentine waterslides wrap around the Universal Studios volcano. Watch out for the Krakatau Aqua Coaster, or wave to other riders as you pass by. More than once. Medical Strains to Try

  • WiFi Cake
  • Mile High Volcano
  • Chocolate Eruption

10. The Wheel at Icon Park

The best things in life are free! That might be one of the reasons why the Wheel at Icon Park is such a busy attraction. The incredible view from Icon Park might have more than a little to do with it also. You can see major theme parks like Universal Studios from the vantage point on top of the Wheel at Icon Park in downtown Orlando. This is no ordinary Farris wheel, though. When you ride the Wheel at Icon Park, you are seated inside an enclosed pod. It is temperature controlled for air conditioning and heat, so no matter what the weather is like, you’ll be riding comfortably. When you are seated at the top of the wheel, you will rest exactly 400 feet above the ground. And that happens frequently as the pods are paused intermittently through the five complete rotations per ride. That also means more time to enjoy the view and take some great pictures. Adults can even arrange for a glass of cold champagne on their way into their pod. What better way to celebrate your time away? Located on International Drive. Formerly known as the “Orlando Eye,” the Wheel at Icon Park began renovations in January 2023. There is no current date of reopening indicated yet, as they update passenger safety features. So you may have to wait a bit. Medical Strains to Try

  • High Flyer
  • High Moon
  • High CloudZ

11. The Orlando Museum of Art

Carl Sagan said, “Cannabis helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly mad and dangerous world.” Did you know that certain strains of cannabis can amplify your creative thoughts? Not only do people find some types of cannabis that help them express their creativity, but it makes them more esthetically aware. That means if you time your medical cannabis well, you could find yourself surrounded by incredible masterpieces. Unlocking a new level of creative appreciation. For local residents, the Orlando Museum of Art provides youth and family programs. There are also adult courses in creative art, mixed media, and painting. Exhibits vary throughout the year but lean toward political and humanist contemporary themes. Medical Strains to Try

  • Jack Herer
  • LSD
  • Kali Mist

12. Seaworld Orlando

Since Florida is surrounded by the beautiful Atlantic ocean and shares the Coast of Mexico, it naturally attracts marine life. And love and respect for the ocean are a big part of the culture of Florida. Seaworld Orlando has been a popular local and tourist attraction since 1973. Seaworld has been conducting research, rescuing harmed marine animals, and advocating for the protection of habitat for orcas. When you visit Seaworld Orlando, you can get up and personal with whales, dolphins, and other wildlife. Some of the animals featured in educational exhibits at Seaworld were rescued by the non-profit. Not every animal that is rescued, however, can be rehabilitated and released back into the ocean. In those cases, the animals are given sanctuary and included as part of the educational programs. If you are planning the first time to visit Orlando, and you love learning about sea life, and meeting whales, seals, and other residents, add Seaworld to your list of four theme parks you don’t want to miss. Medical Strains to Try

  • Ocean Beach
  • White Whale Kush
  • Blue Dolphin

13. Titanic: The Artifact Exhibit in Orlando

Rule number one when embarking on any cruise? Count the lifeboats! While marine technology has advanced a thousand times greater than it was when the mighty Titanic was built, it’s hard to forget the history. Or the movie and why lifeboats are super important. The tragedy of the Titanic also touched the shores of Florida after the sinking on April 14, 1912. Some employees and survivors of the Titanic settled in Florida. And across the state, there are towns that may have a small collection of found historical articles. However, Titanic: The Artifact Exhibit in Orlando is a compelling collection of authentic articles that were recovered from the wreck. In fact, there are more than 300 different artifacts with stories behind where they were found and who may have owned the item. If you are a big fan of Titanic history, you can also get tickets for the Titanic First-Class Dinner Gala. It is a period dinner theater that is very popular. And you can also get guided tours with the artifact experts for an extra $5 per person. The gift shop is another quick step and worth checking out. You can purchase new housewares and decorative items that are exact replicas of the products that were on the original Titanic. And even a “coal coin” designed with the original coal recovered from the wreck. Medical Strains to Try

  • Titanic
  • Thai-Tanic
  • Lifesaver

14. Silver Springs Manatee Experience

Want to get in touch with nature by doing an activity the whole family will enjoy? It’s hard not to get excited about swimming or watching manatees in their natural environment. The cheerful mammals are also known as “sea cows” because their diet is primarily vegetarian. But the chubby creatures are clearly not one to turn down a meal of fish either. Manatees are very gentle creatures. Many people are surprised to learn that an adult manatee can grow 9-10 feet long and weigh around 1,000 pounds. There have been some historical records that clocked larger manatees at 13 feet long and over 3,500 pounds. If you want to take a break from theme parks, Silver Springs has an interesting history. In the 1860s, a man named Samuel O. Howse purchased 242 acres that surrounded the Silver River. After the Civil War, steamboats with tourists from the North would travel up the Silver River. And it became a vacation hot spot.

Did Florida Invent the Glass-Bottomed Boat?

Have you ever rented a glass-bottomed boat? It is an activity that has been popular for over a century. The first example of this kind of eco-tourist adventure dates back to the 1870s at Silver Springs. Well before Disney Springs or Discovery Cove were built. Partners Huyllam Jones and Phillip Morrell created a canoe with a glass section built into the bottom. It’s believed they were the first to create the glass-bottomed boat. Which might also make Silver Springs, Florida’s first official water park. You can take a kayak and eco-tour at Silver Springs from December to April. But the peak season to see manatees is November through March. There are restrictions to watercraft and swimming activities to make sure the manatees are not disturbed in the fall and winter months. Medical Strains to Try

  • Florida Keys
  • Big Love
  • Florida OG

15. Rainbow Springs Glass Bottom Eco Tour

Silver Springs isn’t the only place you can enjoy peering down at marine life from a glass-bottomed boat. Rainbow Springs is another great destination to paddle your way through crystal-clear waters, if you want to try something beyond a local water park. At Rainbow Springs, you can book a two-hour excursion. You are likely to see a wide variety of fish, turtles, alligators, and otters. Visitors will have to pay separately for KP Hole park admission, but it’s worth the extra $5 to get on the water and get close to nature. Medical Strains to Try

  • Black Jack
  • Mimosa
  • Lamb’s Bread

16. iFLY Indoor Skydiving Experience

If you are an aviation fan, chances are you have already visited the Kennedy Space Center. But what if you want to experience weightlessness as NASA astronauts do? Skydiving might be the next best thing. The idea of jumping out of a plane doesn’t appeal to most of us. But what if you could do it safely indoors? Instead of thousands of feet in the air, you would experience the same zero-gravity excitement at iFLY indoor skydiving in Orlando. Flyers must be under 260 lbs. to participate in the High Flight tunnel. But visitors must be less than 300 lbs. to enjoy any of the zero gravity flights. And you can arrange to fly at the same time with family and friends. Who said the only great rides were at theme parks? Medical Strains to Try

  • Endless Sky
  • Sky Pilot
  • Sky OG

17.Jetski Lake Buena Vista Orlando

There may not be a closer place to stay than right across the street from Walt Disney World. Almost. Lake Buena Vista in Orlando is one of the best destinations for beaches and watersports. Two things that everyone visiting Florida likes to do are when they are not standing in line at a theme park. You can upgrade your water sports experience and take a break from Disney Springs. You can rent a kayak or paddleboard and explore the Lake. Or check out motorized boat rentals, so you can cruise. Remember that possessing cannabis on a watercraft can result in a criminal charge; if the container is unsealed and open. So exercise extra caution and bring a friend who can drive. If you love to fish, pack up your rod, lures, and bait and cast a line. Lake Buena Vista is known for tournament bass fishing, but since it is a Disney World property, you have to arrange to get a fishing guide tour. This can be a good thing because guides know where the best spots are. And they are also trained to free your snagged line or hand you a new pole if your line breaks. That means you can sit back, relax and cast without any stress, and let the guide manage everything else for you. Medical Strains to Try

  • Blue Dream
  • Pineapple Express
  • Super Lemon Haze

18. Orlando Escape Rooms

if you are drying off from a water park, there are many escape rooms that are fun to explore. A lot of work goes into creating realistic sets that pull you into a great fictional circumstance. Where the survival of the human race (or at least you and your friends) rests on you. Located on International Drive and not that far from Disney springs is The Escape Game Orlando. This is one operator that is popular for many reasons. Seven reasons, to be exact, because visitors can actually choose from different escape room experiences. The seven escape room scenes and stories you can choose from at The Escape Game include:

  • Prison Break
  • The Depths
  • The Heist
  • Special Ops: Mysterious Market
  • Goldrush
  • Mission: Mars
  • Playground

There are varying levels of difficulty ranging from 6/10 to 9/10 on the frustration factor. While it is fun, don’t expect solving the escape room to be easy. A quick read of the Google Reviews confirms that The Escape Game is challenging! Medical Strains to Try

  • Grape Escape
  • Brains Escape
  • Amnesia Sour Diesel

19. Wax Nostalgic at Madam Tussauds Orlando

This may be your only opportunity to get up close and personal with famous celebrities. Without getting roughed up by their security, anyhow. There is a world-famous Madam Tussauds wax museum in Orlando, Florida, that is fun to explore. The wax figures at Madam Tussauds are always changing. Maluma is the newest addition to the Orlando location. Maluma represents the first South American celebrity figure to be created. Maluma’s wax figure is wearing a custom Versace white double-breasted suit. Expect the Papi Juancho soundtrack to accompany the Latin American homage. Rappers are also being added to the collection. Another new addition to the Madam Tussauds Orlando location is Bad Bunny. The two-time Grammy Award winner is featured in two wax figures, showing his WWE Royal Rumble performance and how he appeared in his Booker T music video. If you are a fan of Arianna Grande, you can find her wax figure as a new addition as well. Grande is styled as she appeared in her 7 Rings video. Somewhere in the museum is a great representation of Queen B. Beyonce Knowles.

Heroes from DC Comics and the Marvel Universe

Families with children who are fans of The Justice League will be thrilled with the lifesize superheroes on display. And they can pose for some really great pictures, holding up a helicopter with Superman? It doesn’t get cooler than that. Except maybe Aquaman. Yep, he’s there too. And so is Steve Jobs, in case you want to update your profile picture for LinkedIn. You can also pull up a chair with President Abraham Lincoln. The Madam Tussauds wax museum in Orlando is located on International Drive, and it is inside the Icon Park complex. It is one of the frequent stops on the all-inclusive Orlando travel and tourism pass. Medical Strains to Try

  • UFO Cookies
  • Superman OG
  • Wonder Woman

See It All With an All-Inclusive Orlando Sightseeing Pass

Locals and tourists alike can find some great deals and experiences with an all-inclusive Orlando sightseeing pass. There are many different operators in Orlando that provide a variety of unique tours to cater to just about every interest. There is something so easy about letting someone else take the lead and drive you to the best theme parks or other activities that central Florida has to offer. And it is something you can do as a solo traveler in Florida or with the whole family. Two of the best all-inclusive Orlando sightseeing passes are:

The Orlando Sightseeing Flex Pass

This pass is one of the most popular for local residents who want to explore and for tourists visiting Orlando, Florida. You can customize your Flex Pass by choosing 2-5 attractions from a list of more than twenty-five (25) options. And you get up to 50% off the admission cost for each attraction! One of the great things about the Orlando Flex Pass is that you get instant delivery of your mobile pass to your smartphone. You get a QR code that is scanned at the location to enter. And you also receive other additional discounts for shopping, dining, and other activities at each location. The best part of the Orlando Flex Pass is that it remains valid for 60 days. That means you can take your time and use your pass, and you don’t have to try to cram everything into a few days. It is a perfect cost-saving solution for local residents and snowbirds who want to enjoy activities at their own leisure. Simply pick your favorite activities from a list, and get onboard for the group tours (on days that suit your schedule).

Orlando Go City All-Inclusive Pass

If you try out the different all-inclusive sightseeing passes, you will never run out of things to do in Orlando. The Go City pass offers all the benefits of the Flex Pass, but you must ride or participate in the activities within a 2-5 day window. A two-day Go City pass starts at $155. But in five days, you can pack in as many tours, events, or activities as you want to. And when you consider the cost of buying a ticket for each attraction, you can save a lot of money and have a lot of fun without breaking the bank. The Go City pass includes some smaller theme parks where you can experience a wooden roller coaster and all the rides you would expect to enjoy. Waterslides and beach stops are included, as well as options to explore downtown Orlando. In some cases, there is a limit to how many rides your Go City all-inclusive pass will give you. But on average, you can enjoy four theme park rides at a significant discount.

Let Someone Else Do the Driving

One of the benefits of getting an all-inclusive sightseeing pass is the convenience of having someone else drive. Not only does the tour operator know all the best places to stop (and routes to get there), but they take care of the driving. This means you can enjoy an edible, capsule, or vape before you go and have a mellow tour of all the Orlando magic. Without having to find parking or pay for parking at each location, you stop at. That can save you both time and money. And you can just relax and enjoy the activities and fun things to do in Orlando while letting someone else worry about the details. Pro-tip! Become an email subscriber with the tour operators, and you can get a discount anytime you purchase tourist passes. Some provide an extra 5% discount, while others include special offers like free snacks or drink coupons with tour partners. So if you are visiting or traveling with the entire family, all-inclusive activity passes provide a lot of value. And convenience. You can literally get chauffeured to each tourist spot and relax in between.

Can Snowbirds Get a Florida Medical Cannabis Card?

Some seniors that snowbird in Florida have medical marijuana cards in their home state. Unfortunately, Florida does not have reciprocity with other states when it comes to medical cannabis. And so retirees must get a temporary medical card every year if they wish to legally buy, possess and use medical marijuana. Thankfully the process to get a temporary resident card is simple. To apply, you must complete a medical health evaluation with a licensed Florida marijuana doctor. That involves visiting a clinic (telemedicine appointments are not available by law). If the physician provides a recommendation, the visitor can complete the registration application online.

What You Will Need to Apply for a Florida Medical Marijuana Card

Double-check to make sure that you have one or more of the qualifying health conditions accepted for the medical cannabis program in Florida. You may also present your out-of-state medical card during your appointment with a DocMJ marijuana doctor in Orlando. Patients applying for a medical card must provide medical documentation that shows that they have been diagnosed with the qualifying health condition (QHC). If you have been diagnosed several years prior, you can request a letter from your primary care physician confirming your diagnosis. You will also be asked to provide proof of residence during the application process. That can include a copy of your vacation home lease or a utility bill (addressed to you at a Florida address). Other documents may also be accepted as proof of residence. Learn more about how to apply for a Florida medical card as a Snowbird or temporary resident in this article. Visit our Orlando office to complete your physician consultation and take the first step to getting your Florida medical marijuana card.


  • Telemedicine appointments Available
  • 100% Money Back If not Approved
  • Risk-Free! 100% Refund if you do not qualify
  • Monthly Payment Plan