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5 Ways Cannabis Can Make the Holidays Less Stressful

5 ways cannabis can make the holidays less stressful

Do you find it difficult to manage holiday stress? From the company holiday party to family gatherings, navigating the holiday season can feel more like a contact sport. In addition to the extra pressure of expectations and obligations, some people can feel real symptoms of holiday anxiety.

Finding ways of reducing stress can help you enjoy the season more. Feeling stressed is no fun! But the good news is that cannabis can help promote relaxation and improve your well-being not only during the holiday season but through the winter months as well.

A 2022 survey conducted by the market research firm Suzy for Ayr Wellness (a multistate cannabis cultivator and dispensary) revealed some insights about cannabis use during the holiday season. The survey reported that 90% of consumers planned to purchase as much cannabis as they had in 2021.

It is unlikely that gift-giving of cannabis products is the reason. ;)

Most people struggle with stress and anxiety over the holiday season and find their energy levels pretty low due to constantly running around and social activity. While dealing with loved ones is mandatory, remaining tired and experiencing high levels of persistent stress is optional. Cannabis can help.

holiday anxiety

1. Take a Break From Holiday Season Anxiety

While it is “the most wonderful time of year” to celebrate friends, family, and the season, preparing for the holidays can feel a lot like a marathon. Turn on the television, and there are commercials or shows you watch that provide an example of the perfect holiday.

No pressure, right? The expectations of the holiday season can feel overwhelming, and if you have anxiety, the struggle is even more real. There is nothing like the holidays to amplify feelings of stress. Research shows that one of the most common reasons people use medical marijuana is to help with symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Consider stress relief a priority during the holiday season. If you are having a stressful time, consider giving yourself an adult “time out” at home to recharge your batteries. Put your phone on silent mode, grab a blanket, and take a break from managing holiday stress with one of many Indica dominant strains that can provide natural sedative properties to help you rest and relax.

family gatherings

2. Help With Focus to Multitask Gatherings and Celebrations

There is so much to do in the holiday season; it is no wonder many people experience holiday stress! While the human brain is a supercomputer, not enough sleep, perhaps too much alcohol, and attending one family gathering after another can add up to feelings of fatigue.

Cannabis directly engages the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for regulating mood, cognition, memory, the immune system, and much more. Look for strains that indicate they may increase focus, concentration, and energy levels. But beware… those strains also tend to be the ones that make you feel talkative. That can be counterintuitive if you are trying to get something done. :)

3. Relief from Symptoms of Seasonal Depression

With all the joy and running around, it can be difficult to remember that, for some, managing holiday stress is a great challenge, particularly for people who have suffered the loss of a loved one or those who may have clinical depression.

Seasonal depression can cause stressful situations to feel far worse during the holidays, and it can cause symptoms of fatigue, insomnia, irritability, and low mood. Sativa strains of medical cannabis that have high cannabidiol (CBD) content can reduce some impairment associated with using cannabis while providing mood-lifting and energetic sensations.

holiday shopping

4. Staying Calm When You Are Out Holiday Shopping

Shopping during the holiday season itself is an activity that can leave you feeling stressed. The hunt for meaningful gifts for family members can take you into several stores on many different trips. To make matters more helpful, everyone else is competing with you for the best gifts.

I have often referred to holiday shopping as a cage match, and I dislike it so much I scour Amazon for alternatives first. They even wrap gifts before delivering them. But if you must venture out into the retail warzone during the holidays, cannabis can help.

You may be standing in a line that wraps around the store, but you might not even care. If you have someone to do the driving, it is one way to relieve holiday stress; take a dose about thirty minutes before you leave, and it may be a much easier experience.

5. Providing a Little Energy Boost When Holiday Fatigue Hits

How do you feel so far this holiday season? Tired is a common answer, and it has barely begun. From planning meals of favorite holiday foods to shopping, wrapping, and cooking… the holiday season is a marathon of activities that can make you feel worn out and worry whether you’ll get everything done.

Many strains of Sativa-dominant cannabis can hit like a caffeine jolt and power you up, even when you are feeling tired. One of the many potential benefits of cannabis is helping with fatigue. Find a strain at your local medical dispensary that has a +energy rating. Also, steer clear of any strains that “may cause feelings of paranoia” because that, too, can be exhausting.

As far as the holiday season goes, may the odds ever be in your favor. If things start to feel overwhelming, ground yourself in your room to Netflix and chill, and remember that cannabis can help you get through the office holiday party or the Aunt that makes holiday fruitcakes.

Talk to your budtender at your local medical dispensary about low-dose strains that can help you reduce stress as you navigate the holiday season. Remember, you can purchase different strains of cannabis to help you relieve anxiety with a calming effect, power up your energy levels, or get a better night’s sleep.


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