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Administering Medical Marijuana

If you’ve received a recommendation for marijuana, you may be wondering about the different ways to use marijuana. Depending on your condition and the results you are looking for, your marijuana doctor will recommend a specific dosage of marijuana and form of administration. The different ways of taking marijuana can be customized to your abilities and comfort. If you experience extreme nausea, for instance, swallowing pills or consuming edibles could prove difficult. Smoking or vaporizing might not be an option, however, if you need a high dosage or must administer your marijuana during the work day.

Marijuana Topicals

For localized pain, topical applications are often the best means of administering marijuana. A cream or lotion infused with marijuana can be applied directly to your skin. The pain-relieving affects are absorbed through the skin and begin to block the pain almost immediately without affecting any other areas of your body.

Smoking Marijuana

This traditional method of consuming cannabis is familiar to many marijuana patients already. The dried leaves can be rolled into small cigarettes or smoked in a pipe. Especially for cigarette smokers, this familiar means of administering marijuana is often the most comfortable. Dosage can be inaccurate when medical marijuana is smoked, however, because while you are inhaling smoke from the one end, smoke is also escaping from the other end. There are many places, including your car, where it is not legal to smoke.

Marijuana Vaping

Vaping is a trend right now among tobacco and marijuana smokers. It is very similar to smoking but requires different tools. Vaping, or vaporizing, uses steam instead of smoke to deliver the medicine. Inhaling the moist steam is easier on your lungs than smoke, and it is not as hot. Small, hand-held vaporizers are the size of large cigarettes. There are also countertop vaporizers available that are not portable but offer temperature and dosage control.

Edible Marijuana

Edibles, like pot brownies, are nothing new, but the industry has expanded to offer many options for consuming medical marijuana. When you administer marijuana in edibles, the reaction time is fairly slow because the marijuana travels through your digestive system before it enters your blood stream. Edibles generally deliver a more concentrated dose of marijuana that is long lasting. Managing your dosage with edibles can be tricky, though, so you need to start very slow.


Cannabis is soaked in an alcohol solution until its active properties are transferred to the liquid substance. These tinctures can be used for immediate effect by putting a couple drops under your tongue. Tinctures can be a quick and discrete way to administer medical marijuana. They are perishable, though, so proper storage is important to maintain potency.

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