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In November 2016, voters in Florida approved Amendment 2, the Florida Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative. This legislation allows medical marijuana to be prescribed as treatment for patients suffering from debilitating conditions, as long as a licensed Florida physician makes the recommendation.

Caregivers are also allowed to assist a patient with their use of medical cannabis. The Department of Health in Florida has a responsibility to register and regulate the centers that produce and dispense marijuana for medical consumption. The Department also maintains the database identifying qualified patients and caregivers.

Florida Low-THC Medical Cannabis Program: Clinics and Dispensaries

Over time, the Florida Department of Health has approved and licensed some medical marijuana dispensaries to cultivate, process and distribute low-THC medical marijuana to qualified patients. Low-THC marijuana means cannabis strains that contain eight percent or less of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and ten percent or more of cannabidiol (CBD).

Except in cases of terminal illness, state-qualified patients can only possess the low-THC strains. The specific amounts one can possess at any given time are yet to be determined. However, terminally ill patients are allowed to possess doses with higher THC only if purchased from a state-licensed dispensary.

Licensed dispensaries in Florida ensure that they meet the medical needs of every qualified patient. These medical marijuana dispensaries offer a variety of doses that can be picked up onsite. Some dispensaries offer delivery options, too.

There’s a wide range of THC- and CBD-infused products being processed by these marijuana dispensaries for medicinal use. However, a marijuana dispensary must not allow consumption of cannabis within their facility or anywhere on the property where the dispensary is located, including sidewalks and parking areas.

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

If you’re a Florida patient qualified for low-THC medical cannabis, visit one of the State’s licensed medical marijuana dispensaries. Hundreds of Florida doctors in these clinics have already completed the training required to see patients in need of medical marijuana. A complete list of these clinics and dispensaries can be found at the Florida Department of Health’s Office of Compassionate Use.

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