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Under What Conditions Is Medical Marijuana Recommended?

The first medical use of marijuana was to relieve the pain and nausea of chemotherapy patients. The extreme nausea induced by strong courses of chemotherapy made it difficult or impossible for patients to get the treatment they needed. Marijuana relieved the nausea...

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For What is Medical Marijuana Recommended?

Recommended Uses of Medical Marijuana Medical marijuana use is essential for people with certain conditions. Despite all the other drugs on the market, marijuana is the only substance that brings relief. If you suffer from a medical condition that results in any of...

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For What Conditions Is Medical Marijuana Recommended?

The cannabis plant contains a number of different elements that have proven health benefits. Scientists have only mapped a fraction of these ingredients and their effects on the body. Medical marijuana plants are bred to emphasis different balances of the active...

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Is Medical Marijuana Harmful?

Despite its widespread recreational use, there is a negative stigma attached to marijuana that originated decades ago. Marijuana gained popular attention when thousands of soldiers returned from Vietnam with a cannabis habit. Drafted to fight an unpopular war, many...

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Can You Use Insurance to Purchase Medical Marijuana?

Marijuana is still banned by the FDA as a Schedule I drug like heroin, but many states are legalizing its use for specific medical purposes. The healing benefits of cannabis are documented and continue to be expanded with new research. In the meantime, some people...

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Can I Get a DUI for Marijuana?

It’s never safe to drive a vehicle when you are under the influence of any drug that could impair your ability to make good decisions and respond quickly to road and traffic conditions. By its nature, marijuana is a substance that will impair your abilities, partly...

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Where Can I Find Medical Marijuana in Florida?

Florida issues licenses for companies to grow, process and sell medical marijuana. Each dispensary is registered with the state and has access to the state database. When you go to the dispensary to buy your medical marijuana products, the dispensary can verify your...

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How Is Medical Marijuana Administered?

Marijuana is perhaps best known as plant material that is dried and smoked. Not everyone is able or willing to smoke, even when it’s to consume medicine that will relieve serious symptoms. One of the benefits of medical marijuana, though, is that it can be...

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Is Medical Marijuana Grown in Florida?

Florida Medical Marijuana Medical marijuana was legalized in Florida in 2016, and the state is working on licensing growers and dispensaries to serve the medical marijuana patients. There are currently dispensaries available around the state, one serving each region....

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