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Can I Afford Medical Marijuana Without Insurance?

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Medical Marijuana Insurance

Getting your health insurance to cover your medical marijuana treatments might be impossible right now. Marijuana laws are changing quickly across the country, so the future could hold out hope for medical marijuana insurance coverage. That does not help you with the treatment you need right now, however.

Cost of Medical Marijuana

It is too early to determine how the licensing of dispensaries in Florida will affect the price of medical marijuana. This is the first time in the history of the state that selling any form of marijuana was legal, so there is nothing to compare it to.

Right now, there is no free market competition to regulate the cost of medical marijuana. Florida has only issued licenses for a handful of dispensaries, and marijuana patients are directed to the dispensary in their area. Where you buy your medical marijuana is controlled by the state, at least for now.

Growing your own medical marijuana plants to control your cost of treatment is not an option in Florida. The law does not make any provision for registered marijuana patients to grow even one cannabis plant. Anyone growing marijuana in Florida must be licensed and regulated by the state as a commercial growing operation.

Other states allow marijuana patients to grow a limited number of plants for their own consumption. There is no way of knowing if Florida will eventually move in that direction. For now, it is not legal in Florida to grow your own marijuana, so you must buy medical marijuana from a licensed dispensary.

The Going Rate for Medical Marijuana

It is estimated that it would cost you between $20 and $60 to buy medical marijuana in Florida. That is the price for an amount that would yield you three small joints. That amount might be the size of your daily dosage if you are using medical marijuana for acute pain or nausea during chemotherapy.

If you need medical marijuana for seizures or muscle spasms, your recommended dose could be much higher. Medical marijuana is available in various forms and doses, though, and the costs can vary widely.

Like other forms of medical care, medical marijuana can be expensive when you have to pay out of pocket. Florida does have some provisions for reducing the cost of medical marijuana to low-income patients. If it is the treatment you need to live a better quality of life, the cost should not deter you from investigating the possibilities.

Check your eligibility and let us help you get the medical marijuana treatment you need at a cost you can afford.


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