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Can an Ohio Medical Marijuana Card Help Stroke Patients?

,Stroke Patients

New Medical Marijuana Products Available in Dispensaries For Ohio Patients 

It’s important for new patients to note that a medical marijuana doctor in Ohio only recommends cannabis, it’s not a prescription like you’d get at the pharmacy. Because of this, it’s up to the patient to decide what products to get when they go to the dispensary. 

It’s been nearly two years since the first legal medical marijuana cultivators in Ohio started providing their flower and processed cannabis products to state dispensaries. Cultivators scrambled to keep up with demand. If you were a patient during the early stages of the program, you might have purchased cannabis products that were not ideal for treating your condition due to limited supply. You might have tried another cannabis product in another state that you couldn’t find in your Ohio dispensary.

Gratefully, the market is changing and new products are arriving daily. If your condition isn’t being treated to your satisfaction with your current cannabis product, you might consider one of these products. 

Cultivator New Product Roundup Summer 2021


Known for their clean, soil-grown organic cannabis, Galenas is featuring two new strains that you might consider for treating your condition: 

  • Electric Peanut Butter Cookies is an indica dominant hybrid made by crossing San Francisco Cookie Cut with Electric Gorilla Butter. Limonene typically leads the pack as the top terpene, which comes as no surprise when smelling this strain. Its scent & flavor profile is as sweet as a lemon grove that shares air with an orange grove. Citrus notes are accompanied by the classic, gassy characteristics often found in Gorilla strains. In terms of effects, this is a very strong medicine. Don’t expect to get a great deal of work done after medicating EPBC.
  • Gorilla Puff offers a very similar scent and flavor profile to EPBC, but is much less intense in terms of effects. Gorilla Puff is a cross of Lemon Puff and Gorilla Butter. Consistently testing between 18-22% total THC, this strain behaves more like a balanced hybrid, offering patients the ability to use it during the day or at night. Rather than lemons and oranges, Gorilla Puff often smells and tastes more like grapefruit or kumquat, featuring some bitter notes in the terpene profile. Myrcene routinely tests as the number one terpene in this one, making it a great medicine for a wide range of ailments. 

Buckeye Relief

If you’re struggling with a route of administration that works for you, you might be interested to learn that you can now drink your cannabis medicine in sippable form! Buckeye Relief introduces their Keef Beverages, now available in many Ohio dispensaries across the state. 

Here’s the details: 

  • 100mg THC / 12oz Bottle
  • Infused with nano-emulsion technology for consistent dosing
  • Sublingual uptake for faster onset
  • Resealable 15ml dosing cap included: 35ml = 10mg THC
  • Gluten Free & Vegan!


KIWI STRAWBERRY Life H20 – low calorie, low sugar (5 cal, 1g sugar per serving!)

LEMONADE Mocktail – naturally sweetened with cane sugar

Buckeye Relief tells us they are installing a 2nd infusion tank this week to keep up with demand and have plans in the works to start selling new flavors asap!

Ancient Roots

Ancient Roots has begun producing a live rosin product made using the ice water hash process. The benefit of using this type of concentrate is that it’s solventless, producing a cleaner medicine. More on that in an upcoming feature article! 

Ancient Roots tells us they also have a few new vaporizing products available as well. The Indose is a precise aerosol medication dosage vaporizer that enables patients to safely target their desired effect. The technology the Indose uses measures the precise amount of vapor present in each unique vapor cloud it expels. Whether you take a big deep hit, or several quick puffs, the sensors continuously measure the density and volume of your vapor clouds, displaying the cumulative levels of THC or CBD you’re inhaling during the session.

Ancient Roots will also be producing vaporizers in a device called the Dablicator, which makes medicating on-the-go easier, cleaner, and more discreet. 


BeneLeaves will offer a few new products to Ohioans with their medical marijuana cards. Here’s what to look for this Columbus processor: 

  • Turtle Brownies are freshly baked, delicious edibles that are gluten free.
  • ROACH: A coin pocket-sized, strain-specific disposable vape pen (coming any day now!)
  • Koala  high quality, sourced chocolates, fruits, distillate-infused 100mg chocolate bars coming very soon!!

With thousands of new products coming to Ohio’s dispensaries every day, your medicating options are becoming more plentiful. If you haven’t found a cannabis product that works quite right for you yet, keep trying! 

Wanting to get your medical marijuana card (or renew it) now that new products are available? Make an appointment with DocMJ to be evaluated.