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Can Cannabis Give Your Self-Esteem a Boost?

Can Cannabis Give Your Self-Esteem a Boost?

For as long as it has been in use, marijuana has been opening minds to new perspectives to allow people to see problems from different angles. Among the many benefits of marijuana, it may bring new ideas and head space to unrealized connections in relationships of all types. Can marijuana really boost your self-esteem? Many seem to think so [1].

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Where Does Low Self-Esteem Come From?

Alcohol has often been referred to as “liquid courage,” but what effect does marijuana have on self-esteem? Low self-esteem and lack of confidence affect millions, often stemming from negative experiences and traumas from ones’ childhood. Even children who are provided with copious amounts of positive affirmation can tend to feel less worthy than they really are. Unfortunately, parenting doesn’t come with a manual, and despite their best efforts, parents don’t always “get it right.” Of course, they aren’t always to blame. As the saying goes, “It takes a village.” People are influenced by romantic interests, teachers, co-workers, friends, and even other family members. Bullying, belief systems, society, and the media are other examples of things that can impact a persons’ view of themselves [3]. Regardless of the source for a persons’ low self-esteem, these feelings can follow children through to adulthood. And let’s not forget to take a good look in the mirror – because people just aren’t perfect, they are sometimes their own worst enemy. People often make mistakes, as well as engage in negative and damaging self-talk [1].

Can Marijuana Really Help?

Marijuana lowers inhibitions and induces relaxation, thus relieving anxiety. Of course, it cannot erase all negative emotions, nor should it be expected to do so. It does, however, make these feelings seem to be less threatening. It lowers the fear that some have of socializing, and as such, fosters greater connections. Choosing the right strain can help. For example, sativas are known to create more energy in a person, versus indicas that are more quieting and calming. That’s not to say an indica will cause a person to feel insecure, but it may relax a person to where they would rather wind down for the night than socialize. For some, a hybrid of sativa and indica is the best mix of relaxation and cerebral energy [2].

Social Anxiety Disorder 

SAD, short for Social Anxiety Disorder, affects millions. Those affected fear gatherings or crowds of any size because they think they will be embarrassed, judged, or humiliated. They also have a fear that they may offend others without realizing it. The combination of their fears makes socializing almost impossible, if not just unbearable, so they isolate themselves to avoid these types of situations. In addition, their anxiety may induce other health concerns, such as heart palpitations (or a racing heart), digestive issues, confusion, and shakiness. Marijuana helps to relax those who suffer from SAD, or anyone who experiences anxiety in general, thereby boosting self-confidence [2].

Weed Out Negative Self-Talk

Low self-esteem and a pattern of questioning ones’ self-worth has the following negative effects:

  • “Disrespect for yourself, along with a propensity to allow others to disrespect you.
  • An absence of confidence, which can affect many other areas of your life, including family life, romantic relationships, friendships and your career.
  • An inability to acclimate to change. The negative thoughts in your head can cause you to fear the unknown, which can hinder your ability to succeed” [3].

The inner critic can really wear a person down mentally over time, and introverts seem to suffer from this the most. Since there are slightly more introverts than extroverts in the population as a whole, it isn’t surprising to see that marijuana has become more widely accepted as a successful treatment for anxiety. Member “Faemonsta” of lonerwolf.com appreciates the “smoother edges” that marijuana can provide. Of using marijuana for anxiety, they said, “Smoking really helps me center myself when I’m feeling overly anxious or socially worn out. It helps me sit down and think about what’s really important and focus on the outside reality instead of what’s going on in my head” [4]. 

Is Medical Marijuana Right for Me?

Whether medical marijuana will help your condition depends on many factors best evaluated by a medical doctor. If you feel you may benefit from medical marijuana, the first step is to take our eligibility survey. In just 5 minutes, you could pre-qualify for a recommendation. A Florida Medical Marijuana Doctor can then determine if you qualify during an in-person exam. For more information, visit https://docmj.com.

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