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Can My Regular Doctor Give Me Medical Marijuana Card?

,Regular Doctor

You may be wondering whether or not your primary care or pain management physician can give you a recommendation for medical marijuana. The answer to that question is, it depends! In the state of Florida, there are specific requirements a physician must meet before he or she can recommend medical marijuana as a form of treatment to qualifying patients. But what exactly are the requirements?

First, in order for any physician to become qualified to write recommendations for medical marijuana, he or she must possess an active, unrestricted physician license under Chapter 458 F.S., or an active, unrestricted osteopathic physician license under Chapter 459, F.S. in the state of Florida. Keep in mind, this is extremely important when it comes to any type of medical treatment, not just medical marijuana. “The primary legislative purpose in enacting this chapter is to ensure that every physician practicing in this state meets minimum requirements for safe practice” (2018).

Next, a physician who meets the requirements mentioned above must complete the required 2-hour course and examination in order to gain access to the Florida Department of Health Medical Marijuana Use Registry. In addition to the initial 2-hour course and examination, the physician must successfully complete the course and examination each time his or her license is renewed in order to remain an active medical marijuana recommending physician.

Furthermore, a physician must be able to determine that the benefits of medical marijuana consumption outweigh the risks and will be beneficial as a form of treatment for each individual patient seeking out a recommendation. “If a patient is younger than 18 years of age, a second physician must concur with the low-THC or medical cannabis order, and such determination must be documented in the patient’s medical record” (2018). Please note, in the state of Florida, a qualified medical marijuana physician cannot prescribe but can only write a recommendation for medical marijuana at this time. Meaning, upon approval patients are advised that medical marijuana cannot be prescribed and that there is no scientific data on dosing. Patients will be advised to start with a low dose and slowly increase their dose while monitoring for adverse reactions. Should a patient experience any adverse effects of medical marijuana, they are to contact their physician right away or call 911 if those effects are severe or life threatening.

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