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Can You Use Insurance to Purchase Medical Marijuana?


Marijuana is still banned by the FDA as a Schedule I drug like heroin, but many states are legalizing its use for specific medical purposes. The healing benefits of cannabis are documented and continue to be expanded with new research. In the meantime, some people suffering from debilitating conditions are improving their quality of life with marijuana products.

States that allow medical marijuana require doctors, patients and dispensaries to register and follow strict guidelines. Only certain conditions can be treated with cannabis products. Patients must qualify for marijuana, and dispensaries coordinate sales with a statewide database of doctors and patients.

Health insurance companies have not found a way to jump into the medical marijuana industry yet. You cannot use your health insurance for medical marijuana. Marijuana is distributed on a recommendation from a doctor, not a prescription. This precludes it from insurance prescription coverage.

You may be able to use your health insurance coverage to pay for the doctor visits required to register as a medical marijuana patient. Some insurance companies are denying coverage to patients who go to the doctor specifically to seek marijuana registration. If you are at the doctor’s office for some other purpose, however, and the issue of marijuana comes up, the insurance company may be required to cover your visit.

Medical Marijuana Insurance

Purchasing medical marijuana from a licensed dispensary if you’re a registered patient is allowed by state law in many states, but it’s still against Federal law. This legal incongruity causes some complications when it comes to insurance and billing.

Most dispensaries only accept cash for payment when you buy your marijuana products. Marijuana companies struggle to open bank accounts or get funding, like business loans, because of the legal controversy. They are carefully following state law, however, because medical marijuana dispensary licenses are not easy to get.

Like banks, insurance companies are regulated at the Federal level and need to pay attention to laws concerning the FDA’s determinations on drugs. You may want to call your insurance provider to find out if your health coverage is good at any of the licensed dispensaries in your state.

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