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DocMJ Talks Edibles with MÜV

,Marijuana Edibles

When Amendment 2 was voted into law in 2016 allowing medical marijuana in the Sunshine State, flower and edibles were the most highly anticipated product. And how could edibles not be – they’re extremely discreet, smoke-free, easy to dose, and downright delicious.

After four long years of waiting, the state of Florida acquiesced in 2020, allowing access to what patients desired most. While they won’t have the vibrant frosted colors or tasty fillings like other cannabis markets and are required to measure at a maximum of 10 mg of THC per piece, medicating options for Florida’s patients have expanded tremendously with the inclusion of marijuana edibles.

Floridians can now choose to intake therapeutic THC and/or CBD in the form of soft chews (gummy, per the Department of Health, cannot be used to describe edibles) or drops, brownies or cookies, chocolates or mints…and Wana Soft Chews. We spoke to MÜV™ Medical Cannabis Dispensary about the award-winning marijuana edible and what to expect next from the MÜV Kitchen. But first, let’s recap some edibles details.

,Marijuana Edibles

What Are Marijuana Edibles, and Why Do Patients Use Them?

Edibles are one of the most discreet medicating consumption methods, making them an appealing option for patients. Not only are they smoke-free, but they leave no tell-tale cannabis scent; essential for mindful medicators quarantined with friends or family. Edibles are made by incorporating THC and/or CBD into food, referred to as infusing when done during the cooking process. 

Many patients prefer edibles due to their long-lasting effects. While smoking or vaping marijuana lends immediate onset of effects, they only last up to three hours. Edibles, in contrast, take roughly 60 minutes for the onset of effects, but they last up to six hours (and sometimes more). Because of the long-lasting effects of the therapeutic cannabinoids, the consumption method is ideal for a variety of symptoms, including pain management, insomnia, nausea and lack of appetite.

MÜV on Marijuana Edibles

Q: Why did the MÜV Kitchen begin with Wana Soft Chews?

A: MÜV and Wana just made sense. We introduced the line in our Arizona dispensary in 2018, where it quickly became the #1 selling edible in the state according to BDS Analytics.

The brand, based in Colorado, is dedicated to perfecting their product. Wana has lab-tested since its inception in 2010, long before it was required by the state of Colorado. And, in pursuit of the perfect texture, they tested over 20 versions of pectin before finalizing their recipe. We also love that Wana uses only all-natural ingredients, which is an internal requirement for any MÜV Product. 

Q: What separates Wana from other gummy-style edibles?

A: Ingredients make all the difference when creating quality edibles, something Wana recognized from day one. Their choosing pectin over gelatin for an improved texture.

Pectin is the base of choice, instead of animal-based gelatin. The decision to use pectin was for a few key reasons:

  • Pectin is derived from fruit, rendering Soft Chews vegan and gluten-free, and making it an accessible medicating option for those with dietary restrictions
  • Pectin is stable at high temperatures, all the way up to 175°F. This is essential for Florida summers. 
  • The texture; instead of chewy and elastic, like gummy bears or worms, your teeth sink easily into Wana Soft Chews.

Again, to ensure the best possible product for patients, 20 types of pectin were tried and tested in search of the ideal texture. Their search was not for naught – the edibles have been awarded first place awards in multiple medical and recreational marijuana markets. The pectin, along with cannabinoids, are added during the cooking process.

The act of infusing, rather than spraying cannabinoids on a finished food item as is common in the industry, helps to achieve homogeneity of cannabinoids throughout the Wana Soft Chews. This allows patients to cut a Soft Chew in half or even quarters and know precisely the dose being consumed. 

Q: What are the flavors and formulations of Wana Soft Chews?

A: Variety is key at MÜV. We know that not all patients require the same dosage, nor do they require the same effects. Wana recognized this, too, allowing us to bring a variety of Soft Chews for patients:

  • Mango Sativa Soft Chews (100 mg THC per package/10 mg per piece)
  • Blueberry Indica Soft Chews (100 mg THC per package/10 mg per piece)
  • Watermelon Hybrid Soft Chews (100 mg THC per package/10 mg per piece)
  • 1:1 Strawberry Lemonade Hybrid Soft Chews (100 mg THC:100 mg CBD per package/10 mg THC:10 mg CBD per piece)

The indica, sativa and hybrid classifications are achieved through the addition of proprietary terpene blends of 30+ per formulation. While research confirming the bioavailability of orally consumed terpenes is scarce, MÜV Patient reviews indicate their efficacy. A stimulated and creative mind are among top-reported effects with Mango Sativa; relaxed and pain-free with Strawberry-Lemonade Hybrid; an eased mind and overall relief with Watermelon Hybrid; and the ability to get sleep and relief with Blueberry Indica.

Q: What else are MÜV Patients saying about Wana Edibles?

A: MÜV, like DocMJ, has partnered with Strainprint™, the revolutionary app that tracks efficacy of products for patients in real-time. The efficacy of strains and products is determined by the change in symptom level – if a patient’s anxiety was at a 10 when beginning dosing, but reduced to a 5 after the effects have taken hold, that item has a 50% efficacy. 

MÜV Patients have recorded sessions on Blueberry, Watermelon and Strawberry Lemonade Soft Chews with great results:

  • Blueberry: Patients report 54% efficacy for anxiety
  • Strawberry Lemonade: Patients report 44% efficacy for anxiety and 37% efficacy for lower back pain
  • Watermelon Hybrid: Patients report 56% efficacy for irritability and 53% efficacy for anxiety

Q: What will the MÜV Kitchen bring Florida patients next and when can we expect them?

A: Right now, we’re working on a few exciting options for Floridians:

  • MÜV Lozenges are akin to hard candies made with all-natural ingredients. They will be featured in two formulations and include all-natural fruit flavoring. 
  • MÜV Chocolates – because we can’t not have chocolate. Texture is key for us, and we’ve been perfecting a Milk and Dark Chocolate that melts in your mouth, with little to no cannabis taste.

Lozenges and Chocolates will be available to Florida’s patients this spring. The best way to stay in-the-know about the product release dates is to subscribe for our email communications, where we share new products, store openings, and so much more.

,Marijuana Edibles

Reminder: Start Low and Go Slow

Before you purchase edibles for the first time, there are a few key things to remember about this consumption method.

It is always advised to take edibles on a full stomach. THC and CBD are fat-soluble compounds and break down more readily with other foods, particularly those higher in fats. It is incredibly important to note how edibles are digested.

As with food, when you consume a marijuana edible, it is digested through the gastrointestinal system. The edible first breaks down in your stomach, to then be processed in your liver. This causes a conversion of delta-9 THC to 11-hyrdoxy THC – a compound 5x’s more psychoactive than the former. That means the 10 mg Soft Chew you consumed will feel closer to 50 mg. This conversion can seem intense for patients that usually medicate with vapes, which have an immediate onset of effects and no conversion factor. 

Due to the conversion, newcomers to medical cannabis routines should follow the marijuana mantra: start low and go slow. A 2.5 or 5 mg dose is an ideal starting point for patients, achieved by cutting the Soft Chew in half or quarters. If, after 60 minutes, you are still not feeling the relief or effects you are seeking, take one additional dose of the same size.

In contrast, for the patients in which 10 mg is not enough, supplementing with another product is an ideal solution. An easy and cost-effective way to achieve a higher dose would be to add RSO or Distillate Syringe on top of your Soft Chew, bearing in mind that a rice-sized piece is approximately 25 mg. For patients that prefer more precise dosing, consuming a Tincture to supplement the THC content is an ideal option.