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Everything You Need To Know About Edibles

everything you need to know about edibles

Have you been curious about trying edibles for the first time? There are many reasons why patients prefer edibles instead of other types of routes. For some, inhalable or smokable cannabis isn’t an option due to cardiovascular or respiratory conditions.

For others, edibles present some advantages over other types of medical marijuana. Some people feel that edibles work better for them. Compared to different routes, THC edibles last longer because of how the body processes the cannabinoids through digestion.

While cannabis edibles are not legalized in every state with medical marijuana programs, they are available in most jurisdictions if you are a registered patient with a medical card. And if you are new to using medical cannabis products, here is everything you need to know about edibles.

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What Are Cannabis Edibles, And Why Do People Like Them?

Edibles are any medical cannabis that you consume that is digested. That can include marijuana capsules and tablets but often refers to food items such as gummies, candies, beverages, and snacks.

There are four main reasons why cannabis edibles are popular:

1. No Odor After Use

Cannabis edibles are odorless. When you open the airtight bag or container, you may smell the flavoring, but you can’t smell cannabis the way you do with marijuana flower. That does not mean, however, that cannabis edibles are not as potent.

2. Easy to Carry and Store

Most patients that purchase a cannabis edible product store it in the container it was purchased in. That is because the original container is designed to be airtight and helps protect the edible from degrading from moisture or direct sunlight. The small containers or zip lock type bags are easy to store and carry.

3. No Paraphernalia Required

While many patients prefer smokable cannabis because it is the fastest way to experience the effects of medical marijuana, there are devices to contend with. You may have to use a glass pipe or electric incinerating vape for flower or concentrates (dabbing) at home.

That is not the case for edibles. Open your container, take out a gummy, candy, or portion, and consume. There is no mess, and it is easy to take your dose of medical marijuana edible cannabis products.

4. Effects from Edibles Can Last Longer


When using medical cannabis to help with chronic symptoms like pain management, anxiety, depression, muscle spasms, or more, edibles may provide relief for extended periods. After consuming edibles, the effects can last from 4-6 hours or longer.

Patients interested in trying an edible cannabis product should know that the “high” from edibles can feel very different compared to other routes. And when using edibles for the first time, doctors recommend using a lower THC potency and smaller dose. This can help patients arrive at the correct amount to take to help with symptom relief.

What Should You Know About Edibles Before Consuming?

meet with a physician

One of the most important things you should know about edibles made from the cannabis plant is that the effect of THC can feel very different when digested. When smoking cannabis, the “high” can be experienced in as little as 3-5 minutes. But with edibles, it takes longer to absorb the THC through the digestive tract.

A common mistake first-time patients make is taking too many edibles. And that is because there is a long latency between consuming the cannabis edible and feeling the full effect of the THC in your body.

Thirty minutes to an hour after taking an edible, you may not be sure it works. And then decide to take more. Give yourself up to two hours before making that decision. Depending on the content of the edible, you may experience more of a “body buzz” than a cerebral “head high.”

When trying edibles for the first time, start with a low-THC product, and take half the suggested quantity to learn how the edible will affect you. And do not double dose until you feel confident about the level of effects (which can vary according to many factors, including body weight, prescription medications, and other factors).

What Kind of Cannabis Edibles Can You Buy?

Any cannabis-infused food you can think of may be available at your local dispensary as a cannabis edible. And that means you have a lot of products you can choose from, depending on your personal preferences.

The main categories of edibles for cannabis patients include the following:

Cannabis Gummies

Hands down, cannabis gummies may be the most popular type of cannabis edible. Not only are they affordable, but it is easy to control your dose by seeing the amount of THC potency in each portion on the label.

With smokable cannabis and other routes, precisely tracking how much THC and CBD you take is an estimate at best. If needed, you can take half of a gummy to start and increase your dose after 90 minutes or longer.

Cannabis gummies also taste good. They are formulated with popular fruit flavors, which makes them pleasant to eat, with no aftertaste. And unlike smokable cannabis, you can’t detect the scent of the THC on your breath after consuming THC gummies.

Hard Candy and Lozenges

If you have diabetes or are allergic to some binding ingredients (like gelatin), you may opt for a THC hard candy or lozenge instead. Finding a sugar-free edible as a complex candy product is also easier.

Some people prefer tablets because they can enjoy the flavor longer. Also, for some people, tablets can provide a slower release of THC from the product into the digestive system. However, losengers kept in the mouth can have a rapid absorption rate similar to tinctures and the sublingual uptake method.

THC-Infused Chocolate

infused chocolate

One of the most delicious types of cannabis edibles is in the form of chocolates. They are sold in dispensaries as individually wrapped THC-infused chocolates or chocolate bars. And there are usually many different flavors and formulations to choose from.

Some studies suggest that raw nuts rich in omega-3 fatty acids help cannabinoids bind to CB1 and CB2 receptors. That can enable move THC through the blood-brain barrier more efficiently. It can also mean chocolate with raw nuts could make you feel high faster and longer than other products.

Dark chocolate infused with THC is another popular type of edible. Then you benefit from substances in quality cocoa powder, which can mimic Anandamide. That is a fat or lipid that binds to cannabinoid receptors in the body, which can amplify the effects of marijuana.

Flavored Shots and cold cannabis beverages

Cannabis-infused beverages are unavailable in every state, but if you find them at your local medical marijuana dispensary, they may be worth trying. Everything from iced coffee and teas to juices and sparkling water may be available. And some are formulated with cannabidiol (CBD) which can help with inflammation and may tone down some of the unwanted impairments of marijuana.

Cannabis Baked Goods and Snacks

The pot brownie is the OG edible, and long before the legalization of medical cannabis, people were happily “baking” at home. You can also find baked goods at your local medical dispensary, including cakes and cookies. You may also find chips and crispy snacks you can try.

Tea and Coffee Products

infused beverages

Use cannabis tea or coffee products with caution. Many clinical studies suggest that caffeine can amplify the effects of THC. Treat cannabis-infused beverages with the same dose consideration as other edibles; make sure not to overconsume them as they can lead to discomfort, and the effects are not diluted.

Breakfast Bars and Cereals

Breakfast bar cannabis edibles are very popular for many reasons. The first reason is that they are delicious. Some are fortified with fiber, so depending on the content of the product, you could give yourself a healthy nutritional boost.

How Long Does It Take to Get High After Consuming Edibles?

What makes edible cannabis products different than inhaling cannabis is how long it takes before you begin to feel the effects. For some people, the rapid onset of psychoactive effects and the “body buzz” achieved from smoking marijuana is preferred.

When you inhale cannabis (flower or vape oil), you can start to feel the effects anywhere from five (5) to fifteen (15) minutes after consumption. If you have chronic pain, or another debilitating symptom, smokable cannabis may provide rapid relief. However, the sensations may only last from one (1) to four (4) hours.

Edible cannabis products are very different. After consuming cannabis edibles, it can take anywhere from 30-90 minutes on average to take effect. But the results of an edible can last from 6-10 hours on average. In some cases, it can last up to twelve hours.

onset time

What is the Average Potency of Cannabis Edibles?

Cannabis edibles come in a variety of potencies. Although sometimes, it is hard to find lower-potency edibles at your local dispensary. If the dispensary is not carrying low-THC edibles, you can ask them to consider stocking some alternatives.

Are you wondering how many milligrams to buy? Here are some examples of potency and common product types:

  • Microdose 1-2 mg (hard candies).
  • Low 2-5 mg (some gummies and beverages).
  • Moderate 5-15 mg (gummies, baked goods, and some drinks).
  • High 15-30 mg (experienced users only; chocolate and some gummies).
  • Very High 30-100 mg (used for chronic and professional conditions; commonly baked goods).
  • Macrodose 100-500 mg (hard to find; usually THC shots and some beverages).

Don’t be confused by the significant number of THC available in the packaging. For example, if you have a product with 2500 mg of THC, you may have 25 x edibles with 100 mg per serving in the container.

Can Edibles Give You a Hangover?

Many variables determine whether you will feel a hangover from cannabis edibles. Like any other route or type of marijuana, THC’s psychoactive and physiological effects can be unpredictable, depending on the individual.

Many people believe you cannot get a hangover from medical cannabis. There are, however, some residual effects that you may experience after consuming it. And you can experience different levels of impairment or side effects 12-24 hours after use.

cannabis hangover

Some of the most common symptoms of a cannabis hangover include the following:

  • Abnormal fatigue.
  • Brain fog (problems with alertness or focus).
  • Mild nausea.
  • Headaches.
  • Dry eyes.
  • Auditory or visual hallucinations.

Unlike an alcohol hangover, however, most people find marijuana after effects are gone after a few hours. And in some cases, the best thing you can do is hydrate with water, have a nap, and let it wear off.

Unless you are experiencing symptoms of fever, nausea, vomiting, breathing problems, extreme dizziness, or other discomforts, you should seek immediate medical attention; if you are experiencing severe nausea, remain upright and ask for assistance. Nausea, vomiting, and drowsiness can increase the risk of choking injury or death.

Is It Possible to Have a Marijuana Overdose With Edible Cannabis?

Using the term “overdose” can make some experienced cannabis users uncomfortable. Because, to date, there have been no documented fatalities due to marijuana use. Where THC was the sole drug of use.

But an overdose is simply a term for taking more than the body’s tolerance for a substance. You can have a cannabis overdose, but unlike other Schedule I drugs, it is unlikely to be life-threatening. Too much cannabis, particularly concentrates, can result in unpleasant side effects like extreme drowsiness, paranoia, psychosis, nausea, and vomiting.

Aside from concentrates, cannabis edibles are notorious for being accessible to overdose on. While edibles typically come in lower potencies, the problem isn’t necessarily with THC levels. The issue is improper dosing or ingesting more than you may need to help with symptom relief.

More experienced cannabis users are accustomed to the effects. But medicinal users that try edibles for the first time may not understand that absorption of THC is slower when ingested. Because cannabis edibles work more slowly than inhalable marijuana, some people may take a second half or entire portion of the edible when they do not feel any effects after a short period.

A good average time to remember is a maximum of ninety minutes. If you do not feel anything after one and a half hours, you may take a half or quarter portion of another edible. Then wait again for at least an hour to see how you feel.

Taking two high-dose edibles within an hour can result in extreme impairment. Because THC is slowly absorbed in the digestive tract, the level of cannabinoids increases gradually over time. While it may sound funny to feel “too high,” it can cause health risks. And also increase instances of adverse side effects, including increased anxiety, paranoia, hallucinations, and more.







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