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Additional Common Questions

What is your refund policy?

We aim to be as transparent as possible with our refund policy. It is as follows:

  • Cancel within 24 hours of joining our services — 100% refund.
  • Cancel after 24 hours – 100% refund minus $25 fee.
  • Reschedule/no-show/cancel appointment less than 48 hours prior – $50 fee.
  • Once a recommendation is issued after your exam, our services are non-refundable in any way.

Do I have be concerned about any privacy issues if I receive an evaluation or recommendation?

No, your visit is protected under privacy laws.

Do I have to be 18 to receive a recommendation?

No, if you are younger than 18 you can receive an evaluation if you are accompanied by a guardian. Pediatric patients must have a guardian call to book an appointment with us at 888-908-0143.

How much does it cost?

Your medical recommendation cost from us is $189. This covers our initial exam, recommendation and 70-day renewals.
We also have Easy Monthly Payments. Please visit our Pricing page for more information.

Can I receive my recommendation on the first visit?

Yes! A certified physician can activate your Full-THC Medical Cannabis or Low-THC Cannabis order once they have completed an exam and confirmed that you qualify. At this time, you’ll receive your Patient ID number.

What conditions qualify for a medical cannabis recommendation?

Click Here to take our Eligibility Survey and schedule your appointment.

Am I guaranteed to receive a medical marijuana recommendation?

NO. While we do offer a money back guarantee if you do not receive a recommendation, we DO NOT guarantee that you will receive a recommendation. You can only receive a recommendation if your doctor determines you have a qualifying condition as defined by Florida law, and that the benefits of using medical marijuana outweigh the risks.

Do I have to pay an evaluation fee if I do not qualify for a medical marijuana recommendation?

No, you will be refunded in full!!

How long does it take to get a medical marijuana recommendation?

Approximately 15 minutes! Come in for your exam, and if you qualify, your physician will immediately add you to the Office of Medical Marijuana Use Registry.
To get your card and begin treatment after you receive a recommendation, you must pay a fee to the state and upload a passport photo to apply for the card. This can be done through the email you received after you obtained your recommendation. To get more information, or to complete a paper application, click here.