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How Do I Find a Medical Marijuana Doctor?

Finding a marijuana doctor

Choosing a medical marijuana doctor can be challenging at times. If you’re like most patients, you may want to refer to your primary care doctor, as they can be a reliable resource. However, some physicians may lack knowledge of cannabis, or they may be hesitant to recommend the use of medical marijuana.

Hitting this brick wall can be quite frustrating as a patient, and you may end up turning to the internet as an alternative resource. While this may lead you to a medical marijuana physician near you, how can you be sure it’s the right doctor?

Here’s a list of tips that will help you find a good fit in a medical marijuana doctor.

Consult Your Primary Physician

Start the process by consulting with your primary physician, even if you aren’t sure they know much about medical cannabis. While this could lead to a dead end, a physician who’s willing to perform the necessary evaluation and assess how treatment may affect your condition could help you get your medical marijuana recommendation.

Inform your doctor of your desire to pursue alternative medicine and ask them to refer you to a reputable medical marijuana doctor if they aren’t qualified to perform the evaluation themselves. The use of medical marijuana for treatment has become more acceptable, and patients should not fear seeking counsel from their primary doctors. Neither should a good doctor advise a patient against the medical use of marijuana. They should help patients make informed decisions, instead.

Check Online Resources

The internet is another great resource for finding a medical marijuana doctor. By simply browsing the web, you’ll find several sites that provide guidance for obtaining medical marijuana recommendations online, as well as information on great medical marijuana doctors. Spend time reading the patient reviews, and be on the lookout for possible scammers.

Get Referrals From Other Patients

The final option is to personally talk to a medical marijuana patient and get the real inside scoop. Ask about their general experiences with their medical marijuana doctors. Do they spend time trying to understand their patients? Do they express genuine care about them?

If you don’t know any medical cannabis patients and you aren’t sure where to look, visit your nearest medical marijuana dispensary. Local dispensaries are excellent places to gather information, recommendations and advice on medical marijuana in your area.

Remember: when choosing a medical marijuana doctor, you should use the same criteria you would when choosing a primary care physician. You must have a good relationship with your physician so that you feel comfortable bringing up any issues you have with your medication.

Who Qualifies for Marijuana Medication?

Before finding the right medical marijuana doctor, you need to know if you’re eligible for a prescription. Complete our eligibility survey and start the process today.


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