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Book Appointment Do I qualify?

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Book Appointment Do I qualify?

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Getting Started

It has never been easier for Sarasota residents to get a medical marijuana card in Florida, especially when dealing with extremely knowledgeable cannabis doctors such as those at DocMJ. Receiving your medical cannabis card through DocMJ will give you the ability to purchase through any local or statewide dispensary.

How to Get Medical Marijuana in Sarasota?

While the process is simple, it's important to be aware that in order to qualify for medical cannabis, you must first consult with a licensed and certified marijuana doctor to determine your eligibility for medical marijuana.

Set Up an Appointment

The first step towards receiving your medical marijuana card is to book an appointment on our website. In order to qualify, you must have at least one of the qualifying conditions necessary to be considered and approved by one of our medical marijuana doctors in Sarasota. If you are under the age of 18, you will need to have a secondary follow-up visit with one of our doctors at a local medical marijuana clinic located at 2480 Fruitville Rd.

Consult With Your Doctor

At your visit, your doctor will meet with you during a 15 minute appointment where they discuss your qualifying conditions, review your medical records, your eligibility for medical marijuana, and answer any questions you may have about medical cannabis. If approved, your doctor will add you into the Florida Medical Marijuana Use Registry.

Receive Your Medical Marijuana Card

After application to the Florida Medical Marijuana Use Registry, you will apply for and receive your medical marijuana card, in many cases, you will be able to purchase medical cannabis on the same day. Once you receive your medical marijuana card, you will be able to purchase marijuana from any marijuana dispensary in the State of Florida, completely legally! Medical marijuana cards in the State of Florida are valid for 1 year. Medical marijuana recommendations from your physician are valid for a maximum of 210 days, or 7 months.

What Conditions Qualify for Medical Marijuana in Sarasota?

Now that you know the process, the next question you likely have is: Do I qualify for medical marijuana? The following is a list of conditions which the State of Florida has approved for the use of medical cannabis, in addition, your physician may be able to qualify you if you have a similar condition to:

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) - A debilitating condition which can result in panic attacks, nightmares, detachment, overwhelming emotions, or in some cases, self-destructive behavior.

  • Parkinson's Disease - A neurodegenerative disorder which can cause loss of control with motor or non-motor function.

  • Crohn's Disease - A condition which can result in severe IBD or Inflammatory Bowel Disease, pain and discomfort, and nausea.

  • Chronic Muscle Spasms - A condition where you experience pain and tightening of the muscles, potentially related to other issues such as MS.

  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) - A progressive neurodegenerative disease, causing serious motor function issues over time.

  • Epilepsy/Seizures Disorders - A neurological disorder where sensitivities can trigger episodes within the sufferer.

  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS) - A disease that can potentially disable the sufferer's brain or spinal cord, resulting in physical alteration and possibly lack of function.

  • Glaucoma - An ocular condition which can result in mild, severe, or permanent blindness.

  • HIV/AIDS - An immunodeficiency virus which attacks the human body immune system, weakening it and making the sufferer susceptible to severe symptoms.

  • Cancer - Various different types of cancer exist, with multiple ways that it can affect someone. Each type of cancer needs consideration when analyzing for medical marijuana card qualification.

  • Chronic Non-Malignant Pain - Multiple different types of chronic non-malignant pain can exist, so it's important to discuss with your marijuana doctor about what you experience.

If you have been diagnosed or show symptoms of one or more of the above, you may be able to obtain a medical marijuana card through one of our physicians. Medical cannabis can ease the suffering of any of these conditions, and it's important to discuss your conditions and symptoms with your physician when having your consultation. Because every person is different, there is no one singular prescription, and our medical marijuana doctors can help guide you to the best fit for you

What Do I Do Once I Have a Florida Medical Marijuana Card?

After receiving approval from one of our Sarasota medical marijuana doctors, you will be able to obtain your card from the State and purchase medical marijuana at any dispensary within the city or State of Florida. While there are many options to purchase at a dispensary, our physicians will help to guide you to the best option for you, whether it be packaged flower, topical, pre-roll, or edibles. Your doctor will also go over the dosage amounts and different requirements that you specifically may need to satisfy your condition. If you have any questions you can discuss it with any one of our marijuana doctors during your visit. But after meeting with one of our extremely knowledgeable physicians, you will be able to visit any Florida medical marijuana dispensary and receive your desired dosage of medicinal marijuana.

About our Sarasota Location

If you live in Sarasota, or nearby in Bird Key, Lido Shores, Longboat Key or any other areas in the city, we have close locations for your convenience. When you start the booking process on our website, you will be able to choose from any location for your visit with a medical marijuana doctor.  Whether you live in Sarasota County or any of the surrounding counties, we have here to serve you. Sarasota is more than just a tourist destination; it's an ever-growing city with something for everyone, and an increasingly popular destination for families and retirees to relocate. Regardless if you're new to the area, or a long-time resident, or a temporary resident (snow bird) simply being a Florida resident with one or more of the qualifying conditions above makes you a candidate for getting a medical marijuana card. Whether you are a recent or long-term sufferer of a qualifying condition, contact our offices today or book an appointment right through our website and meet with some of the best medical marijuana doctors the state has to offer!
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Customer Reviews

Excellent4.8 Based on 51 reviews fromTenessia GomilliaTenessia Gomillia1685416504 ★★★★★ Dr.C and his medical assist Patty was very professional and polite.The process was very smooth and painless the Dr.C was very knowledgeable that help me to make better choices when go shopping for cannabis.loretta thomasloretta thomas1685029121 ★★★★★ I found the wait time to be shorter than expected. The doctor was quite professional as well as thorough and he has a good sense of humor which I always find to be a bonus. I found the process rather quick and efficient.Reggie HaagReggie Haag1684336951 ★★★★★ Very nice and professional and very knowledgeable great placeLinda WigLinda Wig1682445674 ★★★★★ Very informative, the Doc is great.Danielle LahurdDanielle Lahurd1681837496 ★★★★★ Excellent always so helpful. I prefer the Sarasota officeRob LewisRob Lewis1673437395 ★★★★★ The best no b.s. company around. I walked in with the proof, I walked out approvedThe Sloan FamilyThe Sloan Family1667804784 ★★★★☆ Quick and easy. Knowledgeable. Seem to actually care. I am only giving 4 stars because of the way Carillo spoke to the assistant/nurse Naomi. She was super friendly. There was a mix-up on my paperwork that put my husband, who I put as my emergency contact, under where my name was supposed to go.... he got kinda nasty with her and or me, not sure which, due to the mix-up, all because it caused a little extra paperwork. That was totally inappropriate, especially in front of patients.Mitchell ShawMitchell Shaw1659975969 ★★★★★ Really enjoyed my experience at this location. The atmosphere was professional and friendly. The staff and doctor answered all my questions and even helped me after my appointment with follow up questions. I recommend to allBella ShulerBella Shuler1659730259 ★★★★★ Visited for my inital appointment with the doctor today and had a great experience working with him and Beanca. They both provided me with lots of useful information and the process was quick and easy!Robyn StammRobyn Stamm1658851518 ★★★★★ Great experience and service. They helped me complete everything I needed to submit a completed application.Diego GutierrezDiego Gutierrez1658512761 ★★★★★ Great staff that answer all your questions!Olivia AOlivia A1658255324 ★★★★★ I had my initial appointment with the doctor 7 days ago. From the moment I stepped into the office I was immediately greeted with warmth and welcoming vibes from the medical assistant Bianca. Her support throughout immensely helped to speed up this process as well as made sure I understood each portion. The doctor asked me personal questions and quickly determined treatment was viable for me. Within 7 days the entire process is complete and I have my medical card. If you’re looking for a quick yet caring team to help you obtain Medical Marijuana you’ve found the right group!Mia LamelaMia Lamela1656524062 ★★★★★ Had a good experience with Beanca and the Doctor. Great information ,answered all the questions I had and also very welcoming and friendly!!Up date 6/29/22, relocation but still great services, been using medical marijuana for a good amount of years now and I’m completely off prescription medicine thanks to it, great relief!Tracey DuncanTracey Duncan1654445436 ★★★★★ Went to see Doc MJ in Sarasota on Friday, June 3, 2022. This will be my 3rd visit. The new location at 2480 Fruitville Rd is great and I look forward to seeing the doctor again next time. I recommend them to all who seek help with medical marijuana use.William MillerWilliam Miller1652894032 ★★★★★ The moment I walked in Beanca made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I was a couple minutes late and she took me right in. Had great conversations about my diagnosis etc. Saw doctor 5 minutes later, he was welcoming, accommodating, and knowledgeable. He was able to get me approved. Just filled out the application today (appt. was yesterday) and as soon as my payment is processed w/ the state registry I can go to dispensary. Same/next day. Solid. And you can tell they actually care about my well being. Thank you!Zeke ZekeZeke Zeke1652212491 ★★★★★ I’ve been a patient for just around two years. Excellent care and service, every visit. I always leave feeling like the office staff and doctor are on my side.C IC I1647456921 ★★★★★ Beanca and Dr. Romero were so helpful and kind! Beanca went the extra mile to obtain some information for me and I appreciate it so much!Barbie PerryBarbie Perry1642096607 ★★★★★ Wow! Bianca was superb in supplying resources. I had no idea I had access to all of the information and resources she supplied me with. She was knowledgeable and caring, as well as Dr. Cirillo. Both wonderful professionals. I am pleased and would highly recommend.Howard BoothroydHoward Boothroyd1639665379 ★★★★★ Great people (Beanca and Dr. Cirillo) who provided excellent care. Appointment went as scheduled and without rush. Highly recommended.David SufrinDavid Sufrin1639665126 ★★★★★ My visit accomplished what I had hoped for, and the staff was caring, friendly and truly interested in my well being. Thank you!Nichole MoneghanNichole Moneghan1639592038 ★★★★★ Its absolutely wonderful to see Beanca and Dr. Cirillo. They both really care about your health and wellness. Dr. Cirillo gives wonderful advice and Beanca has great recommendations for Dispensaries.amy nicholsamy nichols1639583913 ★★★★★ My experience with DocMJ in Sarasota has been nothing short of transformative. Beanca is always willing to share helpful information, and genuinely cares about the practice and the patients. The Docs are great too - offering a level knowledge and compassion that is rare.Roxanne PetrillaRoxanne Petrilla1637451468 ★★★★★ Donna PlasterDonna Plaster1637265822 ★★★★★ I am very new to this form of medical treatment. This Sarasota group is so helpful. Always available to take time to discuss questions or concerns. Very happy with my experience.Cari DeLaCruzCari DeLaCruz1637263392 ★★★★★ Everyone was very friendly & helpful. The staff and doctors are great!Maurissa BoggessMaurissa Boggess1637185379 ★★★★★ I love this office they are very polite and the doctor is awesomeTodd PetersonTodd Peterson1637181844 ★★★★★ Doc mj has been very helpful and has helped me a lot with my ADHD and anxietySusan HixSusan Hix1637180630 ★★★★★ Easy appointments. Very responsive.Leen MuccLeen Mucc1637174609 ★★★★★ Dr Romero and beanca run the show at dr, MJ sarasota! What a clean, calm, and friendly atmosphere. Deffinetly the place to go for your card. Beanca has the warmest energy and makes the your time there comfortable.Autumn SchenkAutumn Schenk1637170408 ★★★★★ Doc MJ is wonderful service. The staff (especially Beanca) made the process so easy and comfortable. I highly recommend using this specific location because of the amazing staff. You can truly tell that Beanca and Dr. Cirrilo are passionate about helping their patients.Michele McleodMichele Mcleod1637026995 ★★★★★ When I arrived for my appointment Beanca was super outgoing, friendly and professional. I enjoyed our conversation. Appointment was on time. The Dr Salcedo listens and is aware of your file. Dr listened to my chest. Heart and lungs. And on the way out the Beanca gave me some swag. Would and have recommended DocMJ. Sarasota location.jeremy erhartjeremy erhart1637014616 ★★★★★ I have been to two DocMJ clinics and this last renewal I had to switch doctors because my usual doctor is on a leave of absence. I chose to go the location in Sarasota and it was an awesome experience. Office was beautiful, not a strip mall or some other cheap rental, it was an actual office. My appointment took place with almost no wait time, the doctor was friendly, courteous and took the time to answer some questions I had about CBD and treatments for cancer. Before I left the office I was provided with reading material about MMJ and also was given a list of all the dispensaries in the state and all of the discounts and perks they offer. I made copies and gave them out to a bunch of people. They even had some places I had never heard of (shout out to The Flowery!). Def visit the Sarasota office for an all around genuine and easy experience.Tammi MurrayTammi Murray1637012963 ★★★★★ John HechtJohn Hecht1635970245 ★★★★★ Office environment was comfortable and professional. Beanca was very helpful and made the extra effort of attaining my medical records from my previous doctor, who's office was reluctant to transfer them. Very satisfied with my visit.CariCari1628023436 ★★★★★ Dr. Stephen Salcedo was great. His staff is very friendly as well. It was a pretty quick visit. I wasn't kept waiting long at all. Would definitely recommend his office.Braxton FrameBraxton Frame1626274704 ★★★★★ Heather DreadfulHeather Dreadful1620849868 ★★★★★ Very kind people with a very relaxing officeMike BrodMike Brod1619096708 ★★★★★ This review is for Beanca for being extremely helpful and understanding. She was so helpful when the telemedicine system didn't work. She took a very unhappy situation, and through her help, turned it into a great outcome. Thank you Beanca for all your help.Kimberly O'ReillyKimberly O'Reilly1615236209 ★★★★★ Let me first start by saying...." Beanca is just amazing!! She is understanding, compassionate, genuine and willing to go the extra mile for you if need be, truly a lovely person inside and out! Let me not forget about Dr Ramono who has been a life saver for me to say the least and for that i will be forever grateful. Thank you Doc MJ!!!!!Dennis DriggersDennis Driggers1602258305 ★★★★★ Couldn't ask for a better place. Staff was very pleasant and helpful.Patsy LangePatsy Lange1601050614 ★★★★★ I highly recommend this office on Ringling Blvd especially because Dr. Cirillo and Beanca were extremely personable and Professional. They both were very knowledge and understanding of my needs.My initial visit was on Tuesday and by Friday (thanks to Beanca) my completed application had been sent to the Florida Registry and is being reviewed. Thank you to Beanca and Dr. Cirillo.Rudy SchultzRudy Schultz1600792467 ★★★★★ Michael RahmasMichael Rahmas1597323998 ★★★★★ Both Beanca and Dr. Cirillo were great! They were both very comforting and easy to talk to. They did more than just answer all my questions, they helped me to understand better.Christie KlingerChristie Klinger1594125848 ★★★★★ I had such a great experience here - Beanca is a gem. She made me feel at ease and was very knowledgeable and helpful. She also gave me a folder full of useful information regarding mmj and all the dispensaries in the area. Awesome! Dr Romero was so kind and took the time to answer all of my questions. You’ll definitely feel cared for here. This is a great office and I highly recommend it if you’re looking for your mmj card.Brandon ColonBrandon Colon1593179955 ★★★★★ The office visit was amazing the made me feel comfortable right away loved it.Bill ArtBill Art1583435229 ★★★★★ Couldn't ask for a better experience at a Doctors office. Highly recommended.Anonymous 941Anonymous 9411573740703 ★★★★★ Ciera and Julia are extremely sweet and helpful in every way. The doctors amazing as well. Very caring and attentive. I would recommend this company and this office to anyone looking to get their medical marijuana card. They make the whole process so easy for you.Julie ChristianJulie Christian1569688216 ★★★★★ Nice people and very professional place which explained everything about the licensing process including a handout. Talked about many options for purchasimg mmj and and gave me a list of dispensaries. I will be back in 7 months!Alexa WhiteAlexa White1565629800 ★★★★★ Convenient location, plenty of parking. Dr. Germain made it very easy to address any concerns and update my recommendation as needed. Timely and pleasant appointment!

Paid in Full

  • Money-Back Guarantee If You Do Not Receive a Recommendation
  • Full Medical Cannabis Recommendations
  • Automatic Renewals Every 70 days, Up to State Maximum of 7 Months
  • All-Inclusive, No Additional Hidden Fees.
  • **One-Time Processing Fee of 2.9%.
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$189 7 months**

Easy Monthly Payments

  • Money-Back Guarantee If You Do Not Receive a Recommendation
  • Full Medical Cannabis Recommendations
  • Automatic Renewals Every 70 days, Up to State Maximum of 7 Months
  • All-Inclusive, No Additional Hidden Fees
  • Easy Monthly Payments – Cannot be Cancelled Until The Initial 7-Month Commitment is Complete
  • **One-Time handling Fee of $20.
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$30 month
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See if You Qualify From The Comfort of Your Home

Medical Marijuana Card Application

See if you Qualify

Try our easy pre-qualification exam to see instantly if you may qualify for a medical marijuana recommendation today!

Under Florida law, these conditions are eligible for a medical marijuana card:


A disorder in which a person has difficulty recovering after experiencing or witnessing a terrifying event.

Epilepsy/Seizures Disorders

A transient occurrence of signs and/or symptoms due to abnormal excessive or synchronous neuronal activity in the brain.

Parkinson's Disease

A disorder of the central nervous system that affects movement, often including tremors.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

A disease in which the immune system eats away at the protective covering of nerves.

Crohn's Disease

A chronic inflammatory bowel disease that affects the lining of the digestive tract.


Eye conditions marked by increase intraocular pressure that can cause blindness.

Chronic muscle spasms

Sudden, involuntary movement in one or more muscles.


Human immunodeficiency virus that over time causes acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

Nervous system disease that weakens muscles and impacts physical function.


Disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a given part of the body.

Chronic nonmalignant pain

Pain unrelated to cancer that persists beyond the usual course of disease or injury.

Additionally, Florida law allows a physician to certify patients for a medical marijuana card after diagnosing them with “other medical conditions of the same class”.

Our Doctors

Nathaniel Miller, D.O.

Nathaniel Miller, D.O.

Licensing and Certification:

Licensed in the State of Florida

Medical Education and Residency:

Michigan State University

College of Osteopathic Medicine – East Lancing, Michigan

Membership and Affiliation:

Candidate Fellow in Academy of Wilderness Medical Society

American College of Emergency Physicians

Emergency Medicine Residents’ Association

ACEP Wilderness Medicine

American Association of Clinical Laboratory Science

Jack Rothman, M.D.

Jack Rothman, M.D.

Licensed in the State of Florida
Diplomate, American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Medical Education and Residency:
State University of New York, Upstate Medical Center

David Markowitz, M.D.

David Markowitz, M.D.

Licensed in the State of Florida Board Certified in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Medical Education and Residency: St. George’s University School of Medicine – Grenada, West Indies The Methodist Hospital – Brooklyn, NY

Lenka Zachar, M.D. FACS

Lenka Zachar, M.D. FACS

Licensed in the State of Florida Medical Education and Residency: University of Iowa College of Medicine Veterans Administration Medical Center – Des Moines, IA Certified by American Board of Surgery

Peter Calkin, M.D.

Peter Calkin, M.D.

Licensed in the State of Florida
Board Certified in Anesthesiology
Medical Education and Residency:
Kansas City University of Medicine and BioScience

Gregory Ward, M.D.

Gregory Ward, M.D.

Licensed in the State of Florida
Board Certified Senior Disability Analyst and Diplomat, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Medical Education and Residency: Medical College of Ohio – Toledo, OH Rush University Medical College – Chicago, IL

Charles Chung, M.D.

Charles Chung, M.D.

Licensed in the State of Florida Board Certified in Emergency Medicine Medical Education and Residency: St. George’s University, School of Medicine – Grenada, West Indies Detroit Receiving Hospital, Wayne State University – Detroit, MI

Shirley Zelikovsky, M.D.

Shirley Zelikovsky, M.D.

Licensed in the State of Florida Board Certified in Family Medicine Medical Education and Residency: Touro College – Technion School of Medicine – New York, NY North Shore University Hospital – Glen Cove, NY

Marc Puchir, D.O.

Marc Puchir, D.O.

Licensed in the State of Florida Medical Education and Residency: New York College of Osteopathic Medicine – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Long Island Jewish Medical Center – New Hyde Park, NY

Carlos Levy, D.O.

Carlos Levy, D.O.

Licensed in the State of Florida Medical Education and Residency:
Southeastern College of Osteopathic Medicine – North Miami Beach, FL Southeastern Medical Center –North Miami Beach, FL

Denise Schow, M.D.

Denise Schow, M.D.

Licensed in the State of Florida Medical Education and Residency: University of Minnesota Medical School – Minneapolis, MN University of Minnesota Family Medicine –Minneapolis, MN

Wen Ting Zheng-Smith, M.D. PhD

Wen Ting Zheng-Smith, M.D. PhD

Licensed in the State of Florida Board Certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology Embryologist, Androgist, Endocrinology and Lab Technology Medical Education and Residency

Marissa Magsino, M.D.

Marissa Magsino, M.D.

Licensed in the State of Florida Medical Education and Residency: University of the East (UERM), Quezon City, Philippines University of Medicine and Dentistry, Newark, NJ

Danielle Gliosca, D.O.

Danielle Gliosca, D.O.

Licensed in the State of Florida Medical Education and Residency: Lincoln Memorial University, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine – Harrogate, TN

Frank Russo, M.D.

Frank Russo, M.D.

Licensed in the State of Florida Medical Education and Residency: Universidad Del Noreste Escuela De Medicina – Tampico, Mexico New York Medical College – New York, NY

Meet Our Online Mental Health Counselors

Todd Shapiro, LCSW, MPA

Todd Shapiro, LCSW, MPA

License #: SW15842
School: Master’s of Social Work, The School of Social Work, Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York
Master’s of Public Administration, The Maxwell School of Citizenship, Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York

Rochelle Powell, LCSW

Rochelle Powell, LCSW

License # SW16663

School: Master’s in Clinical Social Work and Social Policy & Administration, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL

Paula Arce, LMHC

Paula Arce, LMHC

License #MH13714

School: Master’s of Science in Psychology in Mental Health Counseling at Carlos Albizu University, Miami, FL

Sunny Bowers, LPCC

Sunny Bowers, LPCC

License #: E.1901113

School: Master’s of Education in Clinical Counseling, Malone University, Canton, OH

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your refund policy?

We aim to be as transparent as possible with our refund policy. It is as follows:

  • Cancel within 24 hours of joining our services — 100% refund.
  • Cancel after 24 hours – 100% refund minus $25 fee.
  • Reschedule/no-show/cancel appointment less than 48 hours prior – $50 fee.
  • Once a recommendation is issued after your exam, our services are non-refundable in any way.

Do I have be concerned about any privacy issues if I receive an evaluation or recommendation?

No, your visit is protected under privacy laws.

Do I have to be 18 to receive a recommendation?

No, if you are younger than 18 you can receive an evaluation if you are accompanied by a guardian. Pediatric patients must have a guardian call to book an appointment with us at 888-908-0143.

How Much Does a Medical Marijuana Card Cost?

Your medical recommendation cost from us is $189. This covers our initial exam, recommendation and 70-day renewals.
We also have Easy Monthly Payments. Please visit our Pricing page for more information.

Can I receive my recommendation on the first visit?

Yes! A certified physician can activate your Full-THC Medical Cannabis or Low-THC Cannabis order once they have completed an exam and confirmed that you qualify. At this time, you’ll receive your Patient ID number.

What conditions qualify for a medical cannabis recommendation?

Click Here to take our Eligibility Survey and schedule your appointment.

Am I guaranteed to receive a medical marijuana recommendation?

NO. While we do offer a money back guarantee if you do not receive a recommendation, we DO NOT guarantee that you will receive a recommendation. You can only receive a recommendation if your doctor determines you have a qualifying condition as defined by Florida law, and that the benefits of using medical marijuana outweigh the risks.

Do I have to pay an evaluation fee if I do not qualify for a medical marijuana recommendation?

No, you will be refunded in full!!

How long does it take to get a medical marijuana recommendation?

Approximately 15 minutes! Come in for your exam, and if you qualify, your physician will immediately add you to the Office of Medical Marijuana Use Registry.
To get your card and begin treatment after you receive a recommendation, you must pay a fee to the state and upload a passport photo to apply for the card. This can be done through the email you received after you obtained your recommendation. To get more information, or to complete a paper application, click here.

Who is Eligible for Medical Marijuana in the State of Florida?

Speaking with our Florida medical marijuana doctors, you will discuss your particular situation and need, but there are two general requirements for any patient to be given a medical marijuana recommendation and obtain a card from the State: You must be either a permanent or temporary resident within the State of Florida to both receive and maintain your MMJ card from the state. This card is utilized at medical marijuana dispensaries throughout the state, and will only work in Florida dispensaries. Cards issued in other states may not apply, nor may a card issued in Florida apply in other states. You must be diagnosed with a qualifying medical condition by a certified doctor. Beyond the enumerated list below, the law allows a terminal condition diagnosed by a physician, or other debilitating conditions of like, kind, or class such as depression, anxiety, and migraines.

Will My Florida Medical Marijuana Card Work Anywhere in the State?

Florida patients who have received their Florida medical cannabis card may purchase at any state-licensed dispensary. Regardless if your card was issued by medical marijuana doctors in Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando, or anywhere within the State of Florida, as a Florida resident you would qualify to purchase medical marijuana.

Can I Travel Across State Lines With Marijuana If I Have A Card?

As of now, No. Federal law prohibits carrying marijuana across state lines. It would be considered drug trafficking.

Can I Use My Florida Medical Marijuana Card in Other States?

While medical marijuana remains a Schedule I narcotic at the federal level it has been legalized for some states. Many have agreements between them to allow out-of-state medical marijuana cards. This is known as “reciprocity.” Florida does not yet offer reciprocity, that is, those with out-of-state medical marijuana cards cannot use them in Florida. However, Floridians can use a medical marijuana card in some other states with certain guidelines. Read on to learn which states allow the use of your Florida medical marijuana card. Read more here.