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Getting Full Flower Smokable Marijuana in Florida


DocMJ is committed to providing high quality medical treatment to the patients who come to us seeking relief from their suffering. Since our founding in 2016, we have never wavered from this commitment and will not today.

Governor DeSantis signed Senate Bill 182 into law on March 18th. The bill allows qualified physicians to determine if smoking is an appropriate route of administration for medical marijuana. We are thrilled to have another legal route of administration available so that appropriate patients may experience the maximum benefits medical marijuana has to offer.

For current DocMJ patients, who have been seen in the last 7 months, you are eligible to be seen by a physician to determine if smoking medical marijuana is right for you, for a small administrative fee. The administrative fee for this visit is only $25. Please note, this visit will not renew your 7-month medical marijuana recommendation. If your 7-month recommendation period is coming to an end soon, please consider waiting to add smoking medical marijuana until your next appointment. If you were seen in the last 7-months and would like to be evaluated for smoking medical marijuana, without extending your 7-month recommendation period, please call our office to schedule an appointment. For all other appointments, please visit www.DocMJ.com.

Every patient is different. Not all patients will benefit from smoking full flower, and in some cases, smoking full flower may be harmful. Therefore, in order for our physicians to fulfill their commitment to their patients, legal obligations, and to consider each individual patient’s medical needs, patients will need to schedule an appointment to be evaluated to determine if the benefits of smoking marijuana for medical use outweigh the risks. We are aware that other physicians are taking a different view on this issue and respect our colleague’s opinions. However, at this time, DocMJ is choosing to practice medicine in a manner consistent with our goals and values and requiring an appointment to make certain smokable marijuana is right for our patients.

On behalf of the physicians and staff at DocMJ, thank you for being our patient and for trusting us with your health.


  • Telemedicine appointments Available
  • 100% Money Back If not Approved
  • Risk-Free! 100% Refund if you do not qualify
  • Monthly Payment Plan