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Klutch’s Whip It Medical Marijuana Strain Hits All The Right Notes With Ohio Patients

Klutch’s Whip It Medical Marijuana Strain

When a problem comes along, you must…. (You’re singing it in your head now, aren’t you?)

Recently released from Akron-based medical marijuana cultivator Klutch, Whip It is a strain that’s hitting all the right notes for Ohio patients needing pain relief. The name, of course, came from the super-quirky band Devo (also Akron-born) in a glowing tribute upon their chart-topper’s 40th anniversary. Yes, you read that right. “Whip It” is a forty-year-old song. Learn more about the song here.

Wait, is this a music review or a medical marijuana review?

Kudos to Klutch for the homage to their hometown band Devo, but their flower deserves accolades as well. A Level I Ohio cultivator, Klutch’s devotion to premium quality cannabis has earned the company a reputation among patients as a top grower in the program.

While I sometimes like to venture out and try different strains for my condition, I tend to go back to the same four of five hybrids again and again for daytime relief. Whip It was a great moderately-priced strain that I had enjoyed once before when I saw it listed on sale at Verdant Creations in Cincinnati.

Klutch Whip It: The Details

THC: 20.4 %


Terpinolene (5.77%), Limonene (1.55%), Ocimene (0.89%), Myrcene (0.71%), Pinene (0.56%)

Other cannabinoids: 

CBGa (CBGa has shown relevant antibiotic effects, and could decrease intraocular pressure, according to one study.)

A Tip About Shopping

Pay attention when you’re shopping to three key factors: strain names, comparative sizes, and THC percentages. Sometimes, you can score a rare deal if a strain has two different batches with a lower THC level batch coming in at a lower price. Whip It was listed twice on Verdant’s menu the day I picked it up. The first was listed at 18 percent THC for $36 ($29 with discount). The second Whip It was listed at 14.73% thc batch at $67. When I applied my $13 20% off any item deal, I was able to get this 5.66 oz. jar at $54. 

Since I’ve already tried this strain and I know I like it, I felt comfortable moving up to the larger serving size.

Packaging: Klutch Whip It Comes In Glass Jar

I really do like how easy to open and reseal Klutch’s glass jars are. I had to turn the plastic lid while pushing down to open it, and it was very easy. Compared to other packages that flower comes in across the state, I liked this jar. I like when I get see-through jars because I like to visually inspect the product before making my final purchase at the dispensary. I highly recommend doing so to make sure you’re getting the correct product and like the way the flower appears. Ohio dispensaries have temporarily halted the practice of putting out smell jars for patients due to COVID, so it helps to use your eyes as a final decider.

In my package, I received several large buds and one very large quarter-sized bud (pictured). Terpinolene comes in as the primary terpene at 5.77 percent. Ocimene and limonene comprising the secondary terpenes, dominating Whip It with a light and fruity citrus aroma. I’d say it smells like a pack of Juicy Fruit gum but more tart.

Whip It Effects & Additional Notes

This strain gave me a mellow head high with moderate body pain relief. Made me want to chill out and listen to music (Devo, anyone?) while getting some writing done. I felt this was a great strain for a day when I needed to be productive.

Appearance: Light yellow flowers with flecks of lime green and encrusted with trichomes.

Moisture: a little dry. Could have been a bit stickier, but it also didn’t crumble when I pinched it.

Conclusion: Pretty good!! Turn on some Devo and enjoy rocking out to this Klutch strain.

Interested in trying cannabis as a treatment for your medical condition but don’t have your Ohio medical marijuana card yet? Reach out to DocMJ today to schedule your evaluation.



Gabrielle Dion Visca

Gabrielle has been writing and editing professionally for the medical and wellness industries for more than 20 years. She’s held positions with The Journal of Pediatrics, Livestrong, The Cincinnati Enquirer, and Patient Pop. She currently writes articles about medical marijuana for DocMJ, Duber Medical, and is the founder of the Ohio cannabis journalism non-profit, MedicateOH