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Medical Marijuana Recommendations in Massachusetts

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DocMJ is proud to provide certifications in Massachusetts through our trusted partner - MedWell Health & Wellness. Since 2014, MedWell has provided compassionate care & unparalleled service. Find the relief you are seeking with MedWell’s convenient appointments through telemedicine or in-person.
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Compassionate Medical Card Appointments in Massachusetts

About MedWell Health and Wellness Centers

DocMJ is proud to partner with MedWell Health and Wellness to provide quality cannabis healthcare services. Why should you get a Massachusetts medical card when recreational cannabis is legal in Massachusetts?

Patients can also save 20% on taxes compared to the costs of recreational (adult-use) products, making medical cannabis more affordable. Patients receive symptom management support from caring local practitioners and expert wellness advice.

How Do I Get a Massachusetts Medical Card?

The Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) requires patients to take the following steps to apply for a medical card:

  • Get certified as a Patient by visiting a registered provider.

  • Make sure you have a valid driver’s license or government-issued photo ID.

  • Get a passport-style photo (not required if you have a driver’s license).

  • Apply for your medical card online using the PIN you received from the CCC.

Whether you apply for your Massachusetts medical card for the first time or complete your cannabis card renewal, MedWell Health and Wellness can help.
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Medical Cannabis Qualifying Conditions in Massachusetts

To apply for a Massachusetts medical marijuana card, you may be diagnosed with one of the following qualifying health conditions, or you may also qualify if you suffer from a debilitating symptom or health condition that is not listed :

  • Cancer

  • Glaucoma


  • Hepatitis C

  • Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS)

  • Crohn’s disease

  • Parkinson’s disease

  • Multiple Sclerosis

You can be certified if you have symptoms impacting your quality of life.

Schedule an Appointment

Scheduling an appointment to get your Massachusetts medical card is easy! You can choose the date and time that works best.

Telemedicine Consultation

You can complete your medical card health check from the convenience of your home. You only need a smartphone, tablet, or computer and an internet connection. You will be sent a link for a private telemedicine consultation with one of our caring providers.

What Happens if I Don’t Qualify for a Medical Card?

If you have a medication conflict, or the provider feels that medical cannabis may not be a safe option for you, MedWell Health and Wellness cannot certify you for a medical card. Patients who cannot be approved will receive a 100% money-back refund within five business days.

Certified patients receive help completing the application process for their Massachusetts medical marijuana card.

What Types of Medical Cannabis Products Are Available in Massachusetts?

Patients who have a Massachusetts medical marijuana card have many different options when it comes to intake routes and products. Once you have received your medical card, you may visit a local licensed medical cannabis dispensary and choose from edibles, vapes, cannabis flower, capsules and tablets, tinctures, and more.

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