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The Patient’s Guide to Getting a Medical Cannabis Card

If you have tried different methods of managing debilitating health symptoms, you may be thinking about trying something new.  And that could include doctor-supervised medical cannabis. 

The process for getting a medical card isn’t complicated. But there are some steps to becoming a patient, including determining whether you have a qualifying health condition (QHC).  And whether medical cannabis is a safe choice to help you reach your wellness goals.


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Inside our free medical marijuana ebook, patients can learn about:

  • Qualifying health conditions in the states we serve.
  • Types of medical cannabis available for patients.
  • Information for patient caregivers to assist with administering cannabis.
  • Symptoms that may be managed better with doctor-supervised medical marijuana.
  • The application process and what you will need to apply for a medical card. 
  • Affordable mental health counseling available through DocMJ Cares. 
  • How much cannabis you can legally purchase each month from a dispensary