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How Does Medical Marijuana Affect Anxiety?


Anxiety and depression are two mental health issues that are talked about a lot. Many people use the words “anxiety” and “depression” to mean something other than a clinical diagnosis. Depression is more than a temporary low mood and anxiety is also a serious mental illness.

Someone diagnosed with an anxiety disorder may not be able to leave his or her house out of extreme fear. Social anxieties keep people from developing relationships and benefiting from human interactions. They may be unable to work in certain industries or maintain a job at all.

Anxiety can encompass more than just a fear of social situations. It can be the result of trauma and can include an extreme fear of death. A person with an anxiety disorder might not be able to ride in a car or walk down the sidewalk because of a paralyzing fear a fatal accident will occur.

One way to overcome a specific anxiety is to experience the situation you are afraid of and notice that nothing bad happens. You may have witnessed a fatal car accident, but the majority of people who ride in cars get to their destination safely. If your anxiety prevents you from riding in a car again, you may never be able to see it as a relatively safe activity.

Medical marijuana reduces anxiety and allows people with anxiety disorders to function more normally. For some, this might mean the ability to leave the house to go to work each day. For others, it’s an opportunity to reframe their trauma experience to understand that their level of anxiety is not necessary.

Medical Marijuana Anxiety

Medical marijuana is a more effective treatment for anxiety than other conventional medicines. Marijuana begins to relieve symptoms almost immediately. It can be used to reduce anxiety in acute situations and does not require regular dosing. Marijuana does not have unwanted side-effects and leaves the system clean without any hangover feeling.

Marijuana is effective in treating anxiety and depression and can be used in conjunction with other therapies to improve results. By suppressing anxiety and racing or anxious thoughts, marijuana also promotes clearer thinking. Making decisions is easier when marijuana is used to reduce anxiety. Other medicines used for anxiety and depression tend to cloud judgment or slow thought and reaction times.

THC and CBD Balance for Anxiety

The two main active ingredients in marijuana are altered in various hybrid strains to produce the desired effect. THC can actually induce paranoia and anxiety when consumed at too high a level because it activates the fear portion of the brain. CBD has the opposite affect and provides a balance to the THC. With the right amount of each, positive results can be achieved without raising a sense of fear. Medical marijuana strains with a high concentration of CBD are especially helpful for treating anxiety.

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