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Medical Marijuana for Florida Veterans

How Can MMJ Benefit Veterans?

There are many conditions and symptoms that can benefit from the use of medical marijuana. In Florida, the list of qualifying conditions to be considered for MMJ is extensive. To be considered for a medical marijuana recommendation, Florida requires that you have a diagnosis, or you are receiving treatment for your condition. Conditions such as PTSD, Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Spasticity, and Migraines are just some of the few conditions that could qualify you for a Florida MMJ recommendation. 

Studies for treating PTSD and Anxiety with medical marijuana are bountiful. Studies on the use of Medical Marijuana have found that MMJ can help alleviate insomnia, nightmares, stress, anxiety and depression due to the euphoric and uplifting effects of THC. THC and CBD have been linked to decreasing inflammation in the body which reduces chronic pain and spasticity. There are also studies that suggest that medical marijuana has been shown to dull the ‘fight or flight’ impulses and flashbacks that cause hyperarousal in those with PTSD. 

There are many medical marijuana strains that are recommended for users that want to experience calming and euphoric effects on the body and mind. These more mellow strains are known as Indica strains, and along with promoting pain relief and uplifting the mood, these strains also specifically help with sleep issues and appetite. Recommended strains include Northern Lights, Blueberry, America Kush, and Mast Kush. For daytime use, you might want to try Indica-dominant hybrids that have mostly Indica traits coupled with upbeat effects. Indica-dominant hybrids include strains such as Blue Dream, OG Kush, and Headband. 

Most products from Florida dispensaries will specify if they are Indica or Indica-hybrid strains, and you can ask which products are best recommended for the affects you desire. Each person will experience medical marijuana differently, so trying different things can help you determine which product and strain works best for you. 

Connecting with Veterans

DocMJ is proud to work with our veteran community. Since we began in 2016, our first goal was to offer our services to veterans and work with veteran organizations. We provide a 10% discount off the cost of our services, which today has helped over 2,000 Florida veterans become MMJ patients. Our MMJ Physicians are educated on how medical marijuana can benefit veterans, and our office and medical staff go above and beyond to help veterans obtain records for their exam. DocMJ works closely and is honored to be partners with the organization Buds for Vets. Buds for Vets offers veterans the option to receive free medical marijuana services for those in financial need. To date, DocMJ has been able to provide over 250 free exams through the partnership with Buds for Vets. If you are a veteran or know someone who is a veteran who could benefit from this organization, please contact them.

DocMJ also offers the DocMJ Connect and Support group on Facebook. We encourage our patients to join this group to connect with other patients in the community for support, advice, Florida MMJ news and product feedback. You can join this private group by liking the DocMJ Facebook page and sending a private message requesting to join the group. 

Booking an Exam

DocMJ offers over 20 locations across the state of Florida. To book an exam with one of our physicians, please contact our office to receive our Veteran discount. You can also book an exam online and upload your military ID to your intake forms or bring your ID to your exam to receive our 10% Military discount. We our proud to offer the most affordable rates in the state of Florida. Our in-person exams are $189, which covers the full cost of our services, including recommendation changes and renewals for 7 months. Unlike other offices, DocMJ does not require payment for 70-day renewals or changes to your recommendations. We also offer an affordable payment plan of $30 per month for your 7-month recommendation. Both of our payment plans are eligible for our Military discount. 

Another benefit of using DocMJ is that forms are emailed electrically after you book, allowing you to easily complete your intake forms prior to your exam. We provide HIPAA compliant forms so that we can request your records from other practices, send recommendation changes to your physician, and add a caregiver to your registry account. We also offer an online Patient Portal that allows our patients to complete these forms at any time if you need to make changes to your account, reschedule or cancel an exam, download our Patient Journal, and access the Florida Medical Marijuana Use Registry. 

After booking an exam, you will receive your forms via email to be completed prior to your exam, as well as an appointment reminder prior to and the day of your exam. We also provide our patients with reminders when it is time to schedule your next exam so your orders will never expire. Our patients can also elect to receive our monthly newsletter with the latest information on Florida dispensaries, new products, and any other useful information regarding cannabis in Florida. DocMJ aims to be active in our patients lives through social media, hosted events, community outreach, and through our admin office. We can be reached through phone, email, text and online chat, and provide our patients with help and support through every step of the process to becoming a patient. Don’t wait to find out why so many veterans are choosing DocMJ as their leading medical marijuana practitioner in Florida.