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Is Medical Marijuana Grown in Florida?

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Florida Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana was legalized in Florida in 2016, and the state is working on licensing growers and dispensaries to serve the medical marijuana patients. There are currently dispensaries available around the state, one serving each region.

Growing Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana growers in Florida have a difficult fight to get licensed. One nursery worked for a year to see its application through to licensure. For them, the application process included expensive legal battles. They had to compete for a license in one of the five regions.

Florida initially issued just one license in each region. Applicants were scored by a panel, and the highest score won the license. Growers pay thousands of dollars in application fees and are required to be bonded for a couple million dollars in addition.

Homegrown Medical Marijuana in Florida

Growing your own marijuana for any purpose is strictly against Florida law. Even a registered marijuana patient will be charged with a felony if they are caught in possession of a cannabis plant. Having fewer than 25 plants is considered a third-degree felony, and 25 or more plants is a second-degree felony. Both charges come with jail time.

Homegrown medical marijuana is strictly forbidden in Florida. Growing marijuana in Florida is a highly regulated activity reserved for a very few commercial growers. They are licensed to grow a low-THC variety of cannabis for use in reducing muscle spasms and seizures, and a full-strength variety for terminal patients.

Importing medical marijuana to Florida is also strictly forbidden. No one is allowed to grow marijuana outside of the state and then bring it into Florida for distribution or personal use. Crossing state lines with marijuana is a felony in Florida.

Getting Medical Marijuana Grown in Florida

To obtain medical marijuana in Florida, you have to be a registered marijuana patient and be recommended marijuana treatment by an approved doctor. DocMJ can help you through this process, so you can get the marijuana treatment you need. Start here with our short eligibility survey.

DocMJ will connect you with an approved marijuana doctor who can begin the process of assessing your medical situation and recommending the treatment you need. Our marijuana doctors are certified by the state of Florida to legally recommend medical marijuana to their patients.

We can also help you find the right Florida dispensary to get the medical marijuana your doctor recommends. Florida medical marijuana laws are strict, but DocMJ knows how to get you plugged into the system for legal access to medical marijuana.