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Do Medical Marijuana Recommendations Cost Money?

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Just like other states that permit medical marijuana, patients in Florida are required to register with the state and acquire a valid doctor’s recommendation. It’s also a requirement for patients to renew their recommendations every 7 months (210 days).

In most cases, the recommendations can be obtained at the cost of a regular visit to the doctor’s office. However, there are times you may not end up getting the recommendation. With DocMJ.com, you pay absolutely nothing if you fail to receive a recommendation.

Medical Marijuana Recommendations

A recommendation indicates your inclusion in a state-run database, which authorizes patients to purchase medicine from any state-registered marijuana dispensaries. The recommendation also allows patients to cultivate their own marijuana for medical use.

Recommendation Renewal Costs

Most states require an annual renewal of the medical marijuana recommendation. The actual cost may vary from state to state. In Florida, however, patients must renew their recommendation every 7 months (210 days).

DocMJ.com includes recurring 7 month renewals, plus all visits required to maintain your recommendation, in one low fee of $30/month or $189/year.

Will My Insurance Cover the Cost of Medical Marijuana?

No language has stated that a health insurance provider is required to reimburse qualified cannabis patients for expenses associated with their medical marijuana therapy. Florida’s laws are silent on the issue. However, the initial doctor’s visit to get a recommendation might be covered by an insurance policy.

In Florida, your recommending doctor has to keep updating your medical records with the state registry every 7 months (210 days). This mandates that you have a follow-up visit every 7 months (210 days) with the prescribing physician in order to keep your recommendation active.

At DocMJ.com, we strive to be Florida’s most affordable medical marijuana option, which is why our plans include a full medical recommendation and all follow-up visits required to keep your recommendation active. If you don’t qualify, or you fail to receive a recommendation, our refund policy includes a 100% money back guarantee to ensure your money is returned in full.

Am I Eligible for a Medical Marijuana Recommendation?

If you’re a Florida resident and you suffer from one of the diagnosable conditions covered under Amendment 2, you may be eligible for a medical marijuana recommendation. Take the first step today by completing our online eligibility survey. The survey takes just a few minutes to complete, and receiving an instant answer is absolutely free.


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