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For What is Medical Marijuana Recommended?

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Recommended Uses of Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana use is essential for people with certain conditions. Despite all the other drugs on the market, marijuana is the only substance that brings relief. If you suffer from a medical condition that results in any of these symptoms, and the other treatments you have tried did not work, medical marijuana use could be the answer for you.

Loss of Appetite

It is no secret that marijuana can bring on the munchies, but for people suffering from certain conditions, it can be of great medical value. People suffering from chronic wasting diseases find it hard to get the sustenance they need. Even mental illnesses like depression are often accompanied by a lack of appetite. In its extreme, a loss of appetite can become its own health danger. Medical marijuana use improves appetite, allowing sick people to better nourish themselves.


In the case of some deadly diseases, a loss of appetite is due to the harsh nature of chemotherapy. Not only does nausea prevent proper nourishment, but it is also very uncomfortable and can lead to mental illness like depression. Your chances of overcoming a serious disease diminish greatly when you are undernourished and depressed. Marijuana relieves nausea from chemotherapy better than any other drug out there and with little or no adverse effects.


Chronic pain is another condition that can become a health risk of its own. Strong pain medicines can be extremely addicting and cause other health issues, including depression. Medical marijuana use is effective in relieving extreme pain, like that due to nerve damage, and is safe to continue long term.


Anxiety and depression can be two conditions on the same continuum, one marked by hyperactivity in the brain and the other by a slowing of brain activity. These two conditions can accompany insomnia, and sleep pattern disturbances often go along with chronic diseases and chronic pain conditions. Medical marijuana use is an effective way of treating anxiety and its related conditions. Cannabis calms the nerves, modulates brain activity and relaxes muscles.

Muscle Spasms

Muscle spasms and seizures are initiated by electrical functions in the brain. Seizures especially are a severe misfiring in the brain that can last several minutes. Both muscle spasms and seizures can be painful and pose other health dangers, and they are symptoms of debilitating chronic diseases. Medical marijuana use relieves both of these conditions. It helps relax muscles, and routine use can cut down on the frequency and severity of seizures.


Traumatic brain injuries occur when the head is involved in an impact so great, it shakes the brain inside. Your brain floats in a cushion of fluid inside your skull, but if you get hit hard enough, your brain can crash into the inside of your skull, causing damage. The damage is often compounded by swelling that applies pressure to the brain. Medical marijuana use helps people suffering from traumatic brain injuries recover faster and with better results. Marijuana helps reduce swelling and repair nerves.

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These are just some of the benefits of medical marijuana use. Research continues to discover new ways medical marijuana therapy can improve health. To find out how it can help you, check your eligibility as a medical marijuana patient.