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What Medical Marijuana Strains Are Legal in Florida?

marijuana plants

Marijuana Strains

There are three different types of cannabis plants: sativa, indica and hybrid. From these types of plants, hundreds of different strains of marijuana are produced.

The indica variety is known for its relaxing effects. The plants are bushy and short, suitable for growing indoors. These types of marijuana are used to treat muscle spasms, pain and anxiety.

Sativa cannabis plants are tall and thin compared to the indica type. They are more often used to treat depression and fatigue because of their uplifting effects.

By creating hybrids of various types of cannabis plants, hundreds of strains of medical marijuana can be developed with a variety of effects. This is one of the reasons why getting a recommendation from a marijuana doctor is important. Finding the right strain of medical marijuana to treat your specific condition can be difficult.

Legal Strains in Florida

The state of Florida makes it easy to get the strain of medical marijuana you need and to do so legally. Medical marijuana producers in Florida must be licensed by the state. The state reviews their practices and confirms they are producing safe, quality medical marijuana for Florida marijuana patients.

The licensed dispensaries in Florida are listed in the state’s database. When your marijuana doctor recommends a marijuana treatment for you, he will also help you find an appropriate dispensary for your medical marijuana. When you obtain your marijuana from a licensed dispensary, you know you are getting the medical marijuana strains that are legal in Florida.

Help With Legal Medical Marijuana

DocMJ is an authority on medical marijuana in Florida and can help you comply with the law while getting the marijuana treatment you need. Take our short eligibility survey to see if you can qualify for medical marijuana. We can then help you establish the required treatment relationship with an approved physician. DocMJ keeps an up-to-date list of licensed dispensaries in Florida to help you follow your doctor’s recommendations with the legal medical marijuana strain.


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