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MÜV Mondays with DocMJ Part 3: How to get the most out of your Dispensary Experience – Set yourself up for Success

How to get the most out of your Dispensary Experience – Set yourself up for Success

You and your physician at DocMJ have determined that you’re a qualifying candidate for a medical cannabis card in the state of Florida. Now, it’s time to take the next step as a patient to receive medical cannabis products from a state-regulated dispensary.

The first time visiting a dispensary can sometimes be overwhelming, so it helps to be as prepared as possible. We want to ensure you have the most comfortable experience possible making a purchase, so with the help of MÜV, DocMJ has compiled six essential questions to reflect upon to make the most of your visit.

What did your physician recommend?

During your first visit at DocMJ, you and your physician will discuss your medical history and why medical cannabis is right for you. They may recommend specific products or formulations (THC, CBD, 1:1) for your condition – make sure you bring these recommendations to the dispensary for your first visit. The Medtender will be able to explain the products and their typical effects in-depth and can make suggestions for other options available for you.

What medications are you currently taking?

If you are currently taking medication to alleviate symptoms, ensure that you disclose this with your doctor at your initial visit with DocMJ, as well as your Medtender at your first dispensary visit. Per Florida state law, dispensaries carry contraindications (possible side effects and drug interactions) for their products. Be sure to request a copy of the contraindications from your Medtender to keep for your records.

Which symptoms are you trying to alleviate?

This is the most important question your Medtender will ask you! Prior to your first visit, think about what you are seeking the use of medical cannabis for. Do you suffer from severe nausea or migraines? Do you have aches and pain from a previous injury or arthritis? What about tremors or muscle spasms? Think about the root of your health issues – these details will help your Medtender find the right products to achieve the relief you are seeking.

What is your experience with cannabis?

There is no judgment intended with this question – this is to gauge your comfortability with cannabis. This will help your Medtender determine the products you should use to begin your medical cannabis regimen.
The cannabis world has expanded over recent years, to include much more than your typical dry herb. Your Medtender can explain in detail the range of options, such as topicals, transdermal gels and patches, tinctures and inhalation methods. With the help of MÜV Dispensaries, we will detail these consumption methods as a continuation of our joint blog series.

Questions and Concerns?

DocMJ and MÜV‘s primary goal is to help you get the relief you deserve. We want to make sure that the symptoms that brought you into the medical cannabis program are alleviated and your quality of life is enhanced. Please, do not hesitate to ask any questions or voice any concerns you may have in regards to your health and the products available for you.
If you happen to ask a question that a MÜV employee does not have the answer to, don’t take this as a bad sign. Everyone in the medical cannabis industry is constantly learning more and more about cannabis, especially as new research is published. DocMJ and MÜV Dispensaries are learning with you, and are happy to find the answers, be it from a MÜV upper-level manager or the MÜV team of Ph.D. scientists.

What next?

So, you have your products – what now?

DocMJ offers a tool to help personalize your journey with medical cannabis. The Patient Journal is a great way to keep track of the products you have tried and their effectiveness. Indicating in your log the consumption method, strain, and THC/CBD content, dosage and beneficial or negative effects can help guide you to the products or regimen that is most effective for you. You are able to pick your own copy of The Patient Journal at your next DocMJ visit, or online in the Patient Portal. And don’t forget to give feedback to your physician and Medtender during future visits – DocMJ and MÜV Dispensaries are here to help.


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