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MÜV Mondays with DocMJ Part 5: All About Topicals


When most people consider using medical cannabis for symptom relief, they tend to think of medicating by means of smoking. There are many medicinal benefits to inhalation of cannabis – primarily, the almost immediate onset time. But smoking is not for everyone; it can cause discomfort, has a strong odor and can be concerning to ex-smokers.

Cannabis topicals are a great alternative for patients who are wanting to enjoy the healing benefits of THC and CBD without having to consume it. At DocMJ, we want our patients to feel as comfortable as possible while using medical cannabis products. Topicals and transdermal products are both discreet and easy to use, offering a stress-free way to obtain relief.

The creators of the MÜV Products line are conscious of the needs of patients and have worked to develop an array of products to meet these individual needs. For part five of our blog series, the MÜV team walked us through their array of topicals – both traditional and transdermal.

Traditional Topicals

Topicals are great introductory products into the world of cannabis, particularly for those hoping to avoid the euphoric feeling associated with consuming cannabis. The cannabinoids reach the upper layers of the skin’s dermis but fail to penetrate the bloodstream, because THC and CBD are lipophilic – meaning they dissolve in fat. As a result, this renders their analgesic effects to localized areas where they are applied.

For this reason, “if you’re looking for a non-psychoactive dosing method that is good for localized pain and inflammation, a topical is a great for that,” says Chris Witowski, Ph.D. and Chief Scientific Officer at AltMed.

The MÜV Products line offers three non-psychoactive topicals for localized relief:

  • Pain Relief Cream – The MÜV Pain Relief Cream is a great product for aching joints and limbs. The product contains all-natural ingredients, with nourishing shea butter and jojoba. Patients have reported relief of symptoms for 4-6 hours thanks to this blend of 200 mg THC and 200 mg CBD.  
  • Sports Gel MÜV Sports Gel features a soothing blend of menthol, arnica, aloe and eucalyptus to create a cooling sensation. This feature, combined with the 100 mg of THC and 100 mg of CBD, makes MÜV Sports Gel an ideal solution for a strained muscle, rolled ankle, or the aftermath of a particularly intense workout.
  • Hydrating Lotion – For skin in need of deep hydration, look no further than the MÜV Hydrating Lotion. This product is packed with safflower and rose hips oil and shea butter for silky smooth skin, with a soft rosemary mint scent. The Hydrating Lotion is packed with antioxidants in the form of vitamin E and green tea, which combat free radicals in the environment. THC and CBD also cause skin elasticity giving the skin a natural rejuvenating, almost Botox-like effect.

Transdermal Topicals and Gels

For the days where localized pain relief just isn’t enough MÜV’s line of transdermal products can offer systemic relief.

Transdermal topicals can produce the euphoria associated with inhaling cannabis. The effects, however, are more body-targeted like ingested or edible cannabis. Utilizing the patent-pending encapsulation technology that increases water solubility and maximizes bioavailability in the MÜV Tinctures, THC and CBD can enter the bloodstream when applied topically for systemic (full body) effects.

“Our patent-pending encapsulation technology creates a little envelope around THC and CBD which allows them to easily penetrate through the skin, which is generally very oily [and] where THC and CBD would normally get trapped. But since its more polar and more water soluble, its able to pass through the skin and into the bloodstream for a very quick, systemic onset,” says Dr. Witowski

There are two different transdermal products available through MÜV for you to utilize this state-of-the-art technology: the MÜV Transdermal Cannabis Patch and MÜV EVOLVE Transdermal Gel.

  • The MÜV Transdermal Cannabis Patch is the ultimate discretionary product. It’s small size offers 72 hours of controlled, steady-release dosing. They are the “first multi-layered cannabis reservoir patch on the market,” according to Dr. Witowski.

Because the active THC and CBD ingredients are contained in this “reservoir,” the cannabinoids will stop delivering when the patch is removed, with effects subsiding within 30 minutes or so. Thus, the MÜV Transdermal Cannabis Patch is cannabis with an off button. This makes the Transdermal Patch an optimal product for a patient easing into the use of THC for systemic effects.

The Transdermal Patch delivers 0.24 mg of active ingredients per hour consistently. It can be worn in the shower, while swimming, and can be removed at any time. If a patient decides to remove the patch but would like to reapply later, it should be laid sticky-side down back onto the clear liner and adhered with medical tape if not sticking.

A bonus: the MÜV Transdermal Patch adhesive is non-DMSO, which limits the transfer of unwanted compounds into the body.

  • The MÜV EVOLVE Transdermal Gel dispenses from a discreet bottle that is small enough to fit in your hand. The dose of the EVOLVE Gel is significantly more than the Transdermal Patch at 15 mg per pump.

Due to the EVOLVE encapsulation technology, the gel is quickly absorbed into the skin and produces effects roughly 10-15 minutes after application. The EVOLVE Gel can be applied like a traditional topical for localized inflammation and pain relief, or applied to a venous region, for instance the inside of the wrist, top of the foot, or inner thighs for systemic effects.

The transdermal products offered at MÜV Dispensaries are available in THC, CBD, and 1:1 THC:CBD formulations.

Do you have access to the topical route as a Florida Medical Cannabis Patient?

The current state guidelines allow dispensaries to dispense CBD and THC topical products under the topical route of a qualified patients recommendation. During your visit with your DocMJ physician, you will be able to discuss in further detail the benefits of using topical products for your condition and if it is a viable option for you. If you are interested in experiencing the relief that a medical cannabis topical can bring you, schedule your risk-free exam today!


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