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MÜV Mondays with DocMJ Part 8: An Open Discussion Regarding the Science of Cannabis and the Goals of MÜV by AltMed


The life cycle of the cannabis plant is a fascinating journey from clone to sale, especially at the MÜV by AltMed Grow Facility. MÜV Mondays with DocMJ series allowed us to follow the life cycle of the cannabis plant from clone to sale at the Grow Facility, and to witness some of the in-depth processes occur first-hand.

For our final post in the series, the DocMJ Physicians and the MÜV Team had an open discussion regarding the science of cannabis and the goals of MÜV by AltMed.

Physician Question One

How do you utilize science for the MÜV Products line?

,Science is the basis of the MÜV Products line. The science community is becoming more accepting of cannabis, which is opening the door for research on cannabis, cannabinoids, and their interaction with the body. This research is used to truly substantiate the MÜV Products line – in addition to the research done in-house. 

Science is utilized in every step of the plant life cycle at the Grow Facility. From determining the stability of phenotypes, testing moisture content to find the optimal harvest time, all the way to the extraction of cannabinoids, as noted in the first two posts of the series.

The Extraction Team at the MÜV by AltMed Facility also tests for terpene content. A sample of the extract is analyzed to determine the terpene content of the strain. 

We believe that it is terpenes, not the “indica” and “sativa” classification of the plant, that drives strain-specific effects, says Robert Feeney, R&D Analytical Chemist. The terpene data pulled from analysis helps to identify the chemical fingerprint of sorts of the cannabis strains tested. 


Physician Question Two

How is Research and Development implemented in MÜV Products?

,Extensive research is done prior to executing a new product. Research is the basis of the product line – if you thumb through the contraindications for any product purchased from MÜV by AltMed, research is cited throughout. The research isn’t limited to scientific journals. Market research is conducted to analyze what products would benefit patients in Florida. 

Research and development are very much an ongoing process; the MÜV Products line is constantly being perfected to ensure quality medicine for Florida patients. Patient feedback is key; from finding trends in the chemical fingerprint of strains to the flavors of the MÜV Tinctures to combining two lines of vaporizers to create a more efficient and effective option.


Physician Question Three

How do you apply the HIPPA-compliant survey results to the product line?

The goals of MÜV by AltMed are to create reliable, consistent, and safe cannabis products to patients in the state of Florida. To achieve these goals, research and patient feedback are crucial. 

The combination of the data pulled from the chemical fingerprints of strains and the HIPPA-compliant survey may help to identify targeted pain relief options through the cannabis plant. Survey and data results are compared to find correlations and may help to further MÜV’s goal of personalized, targeted medicine. 

In addition, the scientific community is slowly accepting the value of cannabis and its potentially therapeutic compounds, thanks largely in part to cannabis advocates coming forward with personal testimonials. This is opening the door to opportunities for further research of the cannabis plant.

The MÜV by AltMed Team is in the process of applying for an NIH grant with University of South Florida to further analyze these chemical fingerprints. The goal of this research is to identify the compounds with potentially analgesic properties. Up to this point, over 80 cannabinoids have been discovered in the cannabis plant. The team at MÜV by AltMed hope to be pioneers in the furthering of research of cannabinoids and terpenes, and advanced product development.