Established in 2016, in Florida now in Ohio being the largest and most experienced group of Certified Medical Marijuana physicians providing recommendations to qualified patients

How We Got Started

Established in 2016 in Florida by our founder, Dr. Michael Bruno, we are Ohio’s largest group of physicians and saw the need for affordable, direct patient access to medical cannabis recommendations under the Amendment 2 guidelines. Check out our Pricing page for our current options.

Our Promise

Our promise is a safe, private experience with physicians that listen to your concerns, understand your questions, and provide clear, honest answers.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide affordable, convenient, and compassionate care to all patients seeking the health benefits of medical marijuana.

Our Vision

Our vision is freedom for patients to seek relief and improve their lives through medical marijuana. We are proud to be part of the journey towards better health for thousands of our patients.


We are proud to offer our patients world-class care at an affordable price. Our physicians are experienced, experts, and caring.

Clyde Watson, M.D.

Clyde Watson, M.D.

Licensed in the State of Ohio

Stephen Salcedo, M.D.

Stephen Salcedo, M.D.

Licensed in the State of Ohio
Medical Education and Residency:
University of Santo Tomas – Sampolac, Manila, Philippines
Northside Medical Center – Youngstown, OH