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Medical Marijuana Physician Evaluation

Established in 2016 and with more than 50 health care practitioners, DocMJ is one of America’s largest and most experienced group of Certified Medical Marijuana providers. Our physicians have conducted more than 300,000 medical cannabis evaluations throughout the US. We are proud to offer patients world-class care at an affordable price. 


Online Mental Health Counseling

Through our DocMJ-Cares program, we offer online mental health counseling services. Our caring and dedicated mental health care professionals provide evaluations and talk therapy to help patients reach their individual health and wellness goals.


Physician Recommended CBD Supplements

DocMJ understands the potential of CBD and why patients want to explore quality supplements as part of their wellness journey.  This is why DocCBD was created. DocCBD is a collection of high-quality supplements that addresses symptoms causing pain and inflammation, insomnia, stress, anxiety, and more.

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bloom Med Spa

Non-invasive Med Spa Services - Tampa, FL

Caring for our patients and helping them meet their aesthetic and personal wellness goals is the mission at bloom MedSpa. We are focused on providing services that will help you look and feel youthful and radiant. bloom MedSpa specializes in non-invasive and non-surgical aesthetic procedures. Our alternative treatments mean minimal to no recovery or downtime for our patients, provided in a luxurious spa setting, and  administered by caring medical professionals.