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Specific Strains of Medical Cannabis Known to Help Ease Stress

The number of Americans battling stress has steadily increased over the last decade. However, the previous two years have been incredibly taxing on many due to the ongoing pandemic. According to the American Psychological Association, eight in ten adults indicated that the coronavirus pandemic is a significant source of stress in their life. 

So, you aren’t alone if you’ve felt more stressed or anxious over the last year or two. 

Nevertheless, there are many ways to treat and manage stress, and one that is becoming a viable option is the use of medical cannabis. 

A Washington State University study tracked sessions of medical cannabis use, and 93.3% of participants indicated a decrease in stress-related symptoms. 

Ultimately, the evidence for stress reduction is there. Still, if you’re considering treating your stress-related symptoms with cannabis, it’s worth noting that some strands are better suited to treat this mental health condition than others. 

What are the best medical cannabis strains out there that improve your stress symptoms? Please take a look at our list.

Blue Dream 

This strain is a popular one, with origins in California. It’s a blend of the indica and sativa cannabis categories, resulting in a feeling of relaxation and heightened mood. The aroma molecules that contribute to its properties, also known as terpenes, typically used in creating Blue Dream are myrcene, pinene, and caryophyllene. 

All three can contribute to the strain’s mood-boosting, relaxing, and potentially anti-inflammatory effects. The indica’s higher CBD value makes it potent but effective, making it potentially ideal for medical cannabis users. But it’s worth it to start with a lighter dosage for this one since its high THC value can cause feelings of anxiety and increased heartbeat. 

Girl Scout Cookies 

While the name may remind you of a baked sugar treat, this other indica-dominant hybrid strain is all about relaxation. It’s similar in composition to Blue Dream, and the dominant terpene is Caryophyllene, which can relieve anxiety and pain. 

Also, like Blue Dream, this is one you don’t need a lot of, as it can increase your THC levels, making you feel drowsy. However, besides relieving stress and lifting your mood, it also has properties to ease depression and pain. Just like its name suggests, users can also enjoy a combination of sweet fragrances. 

OG Kush 

OG Kush is a well-known strain. It has been associated with many properties, such as stress relief. It’s almost split evenly between indica and sativa in composition, which is 45% and 55%, respectively, meaning this strain is a decent balance between causing a relaxing and energizing effect that diminishes stress and anxiety. 

As a result, you may not have to deal with increased drowsiness and can instead feel grounded, focused, and relaxed. OG Kush can help mitigate the impact of migraines and nausea and can even cure insomnia in small doses. As with Blue Dream and Girl Scout Cookies, start with low dosages of OG Kush, as increasing the dosage can exacerbate anxiety and stress symptoms. 


Its musical namesake may embody the opposite, but the cannabis strain of ACDC is known for its calming and relaxing properties. Unlike some of the other strains on this list, ACDC is CBD-dominant, meaning that those who prefer to bypass the feeling of a “euphoric high” brought on by THC may find what they need with ACDC. 

The lack of a “high” makes this strain great for those who want relaxation but need to maintain their focus. In addition to helping relieve stress and anxiety, ACDC can also help manage pain and even epilepsy.  

Find the Right Stress-relieving Medical Cannabis Strain for You 

Again, not all cannabis strains are created equal. When selecting the right medical cannabis strain, look at its characteristics. Take time to research their terpenes (which impact the aroma and its specific qualities), whether THC or CBD-dominant and even the potential side effects. Understanding how these strains can impact your stress levels will allow you to make the best selection. 

If you need help obtaining a medical marijuana card and recommendations for dosing, our team at DocMJ can help! 


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