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Strain Feature: All About Jack Herer

,Jack Herer Medical Marijuana

Jack Herer Medical Marijuana:

Jack Herer Medical Marijuana is a popular sativa-dominant marijuana strain that got its name from the “Emperor of Hemp,” Jack Herer. Jack was a pro-cannabis activist who wrote a book called “The Emperor Wears No Clothes.” This non-fiction book highlights the multiple benefits and uses of the cannabis plant. 

The twelfth edition was published in 2010, and it continues to be cited in arguments for Cannabis rescheduling and legalization efforts. This book is considered to be what started the cannabis and hemp revolution. Jack Herer was also one of the founders and the Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) organization.

This strain is a combination of a haze hybrid and a cross of Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk. It was created in the Netherlands in the mid-1990s and eventually sold by Dutch pharmacies as a recognized strain with medical properties. It has since won multiple awards for both its potency and overall quality.



While Sensi Seeds guards the exact lineage, it is commonly accepted that Jack Herer Medical Marijuana is a hybrid of Shiva Skunk #1, Northern Lights #5, and Haze. Three of the four main phenotypes are Sativa-influenced, and the fourth leans more towards Indica

Jack Herer’s Sativa phenotypes also produce a good yield both per square foot or per plant when cultivated carefully, but it is rare for these crops to be sold commercially. Many cultivators are hesitant to share the strain with anyone outside of their close circle of friends because of how appreciated of a strain Jack is.


Jack Herer’s THC Potency is usually around 17-24%.


Jack Herer produces buds that are dank, dense, light green with rusty orange colored hairs. This strain is almost always covered in frosty, sticky trichomes.


If it is adequately cured, your nose is hit with a deep floral and spicy aroma when you pull apart the flowers. When burnt, it gives off a clean, herbal scent that can be compared to sage. The smell is not overly pungent, but it does leave behind a lingering aroma.


Users can expect similar notes to the flower’s aroma when tasting it. An additional underlying sweetness leaves taste buds happy. During the inhale, you might taste herbal flavors that are earthy, woodsy, and piney.


Terpene Profile

Lab testing has shown that Jack Herer has high amounts of beta-myrcene, alpha-pinene, and alpha-humulene.



Patients who have tried Jack Herer Medical Marijuana have reported that it has both positive and negative effects:


  • Energizing.
  • Ability to focus.
  • Happiness.
  • Euphoria.
  • Creativity.
  • Uplifting.
  • Calming


  • Dry eyes.
  • Cottonmouth
  • Paranoia.
  • Dizziness
  • Increased anxiety.


Medical Uses

Jack Herer’s terpene profile and overall cannabinoid profile produce relief for various symptoms, with the majority being psychological disorders. Jack has been known for helping those who struggle with depression and anxiety, chronic stress, PTSD, and ADHD.

The full-body relaxation, along with an uplifting mind stimulation, gives users relief without grogginess or sedation. It is a pain reliever, a muscle relaxant, and an appetite stimulant. It can help patients who suffer from headaches, menstrual cramps, and GI pains. Jack Herer also acts as a bronchodilator making it an excellent option for those who have asthma.


How To Find It

Qualified patients in Florida searching for relief with help from the strain Jack Herer can find it in a few different Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers (MMTC). The following MMTC’s offer Jack Herer products:

  • Curaleaf: Jack Herer Vaporizer Cartridges.
  • Fluent: Hyrda Black Tincture, Hydra Black Concentrate Vaporizer Cartridge, and Hydra Flower.
  • MUV: Jack Herer GPen Vaporizer Cartridge.
  • Trulieve: Jack Herer Pre Roll, Jack Herer Flower, Jack Herer TruPod, Jack Herer TruCrmbl, Jack Herer TruShatter.
  • Liberty Health Sciences: Papas Herb Jack Herer Vaporizer Cartridge, Papas Herb Jack Herer Disposable Vaporizer Pen.




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