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Summers in Florida are Hot! Here’s How Cannabis Can Keep Your Body Cool

Summers in Florida are Hot! Here’s How Cannabis Can Keep Your Body Cool

Is the Florida heat taking its toll on you? according to recent studies, medical marijuana may potentially help with night sweats and heat-inducing inflammation. This is especially important for those experiencing menopause, cancer patients, those who battle with anorexia, and HIV patients [1].

If you would like to know if medical marijuana is right for you, schedule an exam with one of our Florida marijuana doctors. You may complete our eligibility survey in just 5 minutes to find out if you pre-qualify for a recommendation.

The Cooling Effect of Cannabinoids

Researchers at Stanford University have found a way to reduce the frequency in number of night sweats for some patients, especially cancer patients, but also those with anorexia, HIV, and menopausal symptoms. The study found dronabinol (“a synthetic version of THC”) eased night sweats for those who participated in the clinical trial.

For example, medical treatments for cancer patients often cause a rise in body temperature. Some types of cancer, especially those affecting the prostate gland or the breasts, cause a change in hormone production, which can then cause the person to sweat. It doesn’t stop there, because the sweating leads to severe insomnia, thus lowering the immune system. 

Cannabis soothes inflammation and reduces the immune response, which lowers body temperature. Published in a blog post at NORML, the study concluded that in less than one week, patients noticed a difference when taking dronabinol. The researchers said, “Once the patients experienced resolution of their night sweats, other symptoms such as anxiety and fatigue improved as well, which lead to an improvement of their overall quality of life” [2]. 

THC and Homeostasis

What about natural, non-synthetic THC? THC can help the process of homeostasis in many systems of the body, such as body temperature, thirst, blood pressure, heart rate, appetite, and sleep cycles [3]. Homeostasis is the body’s ability to achieve an internal equilibrium, in this case, body temperature. THC induces a “homeostatic cooling effect,” a lot like hypothermia. The chemicals found in cannabis plants have the ability to both enhance and reduce the activity of some systems of the body, regulating these systems by acting on the endocannabinoid system [4].

Heat, Inflammation, and Cannabis

Inflammation is generally the reason behind why we feel too hot. It is an immune response, increasing blood flow to areas that have been damaged or compromised. Researchers believe fevers are caused by inflammation through “pro-inflammatory cytokines” binding to the receptors of endothelial brain cells. The fever happens when prostaglandin E2 is produced, which is a “hormone-like substance” that induces fever and inflammation [1].

Marijuana may regulate body temperature by reducing inflammation through CB2 receptors most often found in immune cells. The receptors help release cytokines and the “migration of neutrophils and macrophages.” These are important parts of the immune response which induces inflammation. Lessening their release results in a reduced body temperature.

Research is showing CBD to be a promising treatment for inflammatory diseases, reducing joint inflammation and swelling [5]. CBD acts on both receptor pathways and non-cannabidiol receptors, targeting glycine receptors and resulting in reduced temperature and inflammation. It “may enhance enhance ? GlyR expression, a glycine receptor that mediates the glycinergic cannabinoid-induced suppression of inflammation.” In short, it enhances the body’s ability to induce hypothermia, thereby cooling the body [1]. 

Is Medical Marijuana Right for Me?

Whether medical marijuana will help your condition depends on many factors best evaluated by a medical doctor. If you feel you may benefit from medical marijuana, the first step is to take our eligibility survey. In just 5 minutes, you could pre-qualify for a recommendation. A Florida marijuana doctor can then determine if you qualify during an in-person exam. For more information, visit https://docmj.com.

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