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Telemedicine MMJ Follow-Up Appointments Now Available

Recertification Telemedicine Florida Announcement DocMJ

The Florida Legislature passed HB 387 on May 4, 2023. This new law allows telemedicine medical cannabis recertifications (follow-up appointments) with a physician that has seen the patient in person, starting July 1, 2023. Governor Ron DeSantis signed the bill into law on June 26, 2023.

What Has Changed for Patients?

Florida residents who wish to recertify (or renew) their medical cannabis card can now do so by telemedicine appointment with a physician that they have seen in person.  

Patients who have a medical cannabis card in Florida can now:

  • Choose between an in-office appointment or a telemedicine appointment with a physician they have seen in person.  
  • Attend an online follow-up appointment. 

The new law helps patients keep their medical cards by making recertification more convenient and accessible with telehealth. It is a positive step forward that will help patients remain in the Medical Marijuana Use Registry (MMUR).  It will also help prevent the expiration of medical cannabis cards in Florida for patients who are unable to attend in-person re-certification and follow-up appointments. 

Patients who want to apply for a medical card in Florida are required to schedule and attend their first appointment in person with a certified physician. 

telemedicine appointments for medical marijuana florida docmj

Can Any Doctor Provide a Telehealth Re-Certification for Medical Cannabis?

No.  Patients are permitted to schedule a telehealth appointment only with a physician who has consulted with them previously in person.  That means you must see the same physician who provided your prior in-person assessment.

If you have not attended an in-person appointment with a Florida physician for your medical card, you may not schedule a recertification appointment by telemedicine with them. You must have an established provider relationship with the doctor. 

Physicians that provide a telemedicine follow-up appointment to a patient who they have never consulted in person before face severe penalties under HB 387. Violation of the new statutes authorizes the Florida Department of Health to suspend any non-compliant physician from providing medical marijuana use registry services for up to two years. 

What if My Doctor Is No Longer Available?

If the physician who originally certified you for medical cannabis is no longer practicing in Florida, you must find a new medical cannabis doctor.  Then, attend an in-person appointment for your recertification. 

After you have completed one visit with your new medical cannabis healthcare provider, you can schedule all re-certifications through telehealth with that same physician.  Every seven (7) months, when you need to renew your Florida medical cannabis card, you can conveniently schedule an online telehealth appointment. 

Are Initial Medical Card Application Appointments Available by Telehealth?

No. The telehealth services apply only to follow-up re-certification appointments.  You must be renewing your medical card in order to schedule a telemedicine appointment.  

florida telehealth for medical marijuana appointments docmj

Challenges When Recertifying Medical Cannabis Cards in Florida

Once a medical cannabis card is issued, patients in Florida are required to recertify through the patient registry every 210 days (or approximately once every seven months). 

An in-person appointment with a doctor can present difficulties and inconveniences for patients.  Florida residents may struggle with making an in-office appointment as they are offered during business hours.  And patients must schedule time off to attend the required appointments to maintain their active status on the MMUR. 

Many patients may also live in areas of Florida where there are no local doctors to provide the medical cannabis initial or follow-up recertification appointment. And they have to travel long distances to attend appointments.  This presents additional challenges and expenses for patients without personal transportation.

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DocMJ is pleased to see this expansion of telehealth services for patients renewing their medical cannabis cards in Florida.  We know this will simplify the process and make it more convenient for patients. 



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