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Accessing A Medical Marijuana Dispensary In Texas

Patients may have limited medical marijuana dispensary options in Texas due to lawmakers in the state approving a prescription-based process over offering medical marijuana cards.

Patients who seek to visit a Texas marijuana doctor for an evaluation should visit our Texas information page. This page will provide information on areas we services, as well as options for scheduling a consultation.

Currently, there are three licensed medical marijuana dispensaries around Texas. These three different dispensaries are headquartered in various locations around the state, providing a variety of ways to ensure patients across the state have access to their medical marijuana prescription products.

Patients with a medical marijuana prescription, including one given by our doctors, in Texas cannot use it at a medical cannabis dispensary outside of the state. Also, it is not available as part of a medical marijuana card form for travel.

and Lastly, prescriptions received by patients are electronic and for in-state dispensaries only.

Selecting the Closest Marijuana Dispensary

The good news for patients with a medical marijuana prescription in Texas is that choosing the closest dispensary is not always necessary. A medical marijuana dispensary in Texas can offer pickup at different locations across the state or deliver prescription orders directly to patients as long as they are in Texas. Delivery service requires the individual with the prescription or a listed caregiver to accept the delivery and provide ID.

A quick call to the medical marijuana cannabis dispensary is a simple way to get questions answered and ensure your prescription is filled and delivered quickly.

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