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This Newly Discovered Cannabis Compound is 30 Times Stronger than THC in Ohio

This Newly Discovered Cannabis Compound is 30 Times Stronger than THC

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Tetrahydrocannabiphorol (THCP) 

Lab testing by scientists Modena and Reggio Emilia and their team at the University of Modena, Italy have uncovered a phytocannabinoid in Cannabis sativa that is likely 30 times stronger than THC. Among the almost 150 known phytocannabinoids, newly discovered tetrahydrocannabiphorol (THCP) was found to be attracted to receptor CB1 which is the same receptor that attracts THC. The major difference lies in that THCP contains a chain of atoms not found in THC.1 This discovery is astounding because THCP has greater binding capabilities and potency, so scientists believe it has even greater potential health benefits than CBD and THC.2

The methods metabolomics and mass spectrometry were used to isolate and identify the compound in a variety of Italian medical cannabis known as FM2. Used on a sample, or molecule, these processes were successful in finding the basic chemicals in THCP.3

The greater significance of this finding is that it may make possible the development of cannabis extracts that can target specific conditions. In addition, the research methods used in the study could uncover more compounds, or cannabinoids, with similar characteristics.4

Jane Ishmael, associate professor in Oregon State University’s College of Pharmacy has said of the study, “There are other minor cannabinoids and traces in the plant that can be hard to study, but by isolation we can continue to assess the effects they might offer. Historically, many of our medicines have been derived by or inspired by natural products. By having new compounds that bind with very high affinity, that will give scientists a new probe into biological sciences.”2

While more studies are needed to determine whether THCP elicits psychoactive effects and the specific health benefits it may have, this initial discovery is promising.

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