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Under What Conditions Is Medical Marijuana Recommended?


The first medical use of marijuana was to relieve the pain and nausea of chemotherapy patients. The extreme nausea induced by strong courses of chemotherapy made it difficult or impossible for patients to get the treatment they needed. Marijuana relieved the nausea and allowed patients to receive chemotherapy to fight their cancer.

Terminal patients were also given marijuana therapy to relieve their pain and anxiety. Marijuana made these patients more comfortable in the late stages of their disease and seemed to add some dignity to their final days.

The benefits of medical marijuana are increasingly recognized and used to relieve suffering and enhance quality of life. People suffering from debilitating conditions that include chronic pain or seizures can find relief with cannabis products. Marijuana is not used to cure disease, but it can relieve symptoms so patients can enjoy a better quality of life. Here’s how:

  • Pain: Marijuana is effective at relieving severe pain — especially nerve pain. Nerve pain is difficult to relieve with any other medications. Opioid pain relievers are popular for severe pain, but they are not recommended for long-term use. People suffering from chronic pain can become addicted to opioids and they can experience dangerous side-effects from those drugs. Marijuana is a better pain reliever that offers no side-
  • Seizures: People with seizure disorders find it hard to live a normal life because they do not know when they might have another seizure. Seizures put patients in physical danger when they cannot control their movements and could be injured. The longer a seizure lasts, the more damage it does to the brain. Marijuana has been shown to reduce the length and duration of seizures, allowing people with epilepsy and traumatic brain injury an improved quality of life.
  • Muscle spasms: There are a number of degenerative diseases that result in painful muscle spasms. While the disease may not be cured, relieving the muscle spasms reduces pain for the patient. Cannabis relaxes muscles and calms or blocks the messages in the brain that result in these spasms.

These three basic healing properties of cannabis can be applied to several diseases. Marijuana may not cure any of those diseases, but it can relieve painful and debilitating symptoms that make life especially difficult for patients.

Medical Marijuana Recommendations

Most medical marijuana recommendations are given to patients with debilitating conditions. These patients have tried other means of relieving their symptoms, so marijuana is the last resort for them. Medical marijuana guidelines are written to use marijuana only after other medications have failed.

For patients who thought their symptoms could not be treated, medical marijuana can be life-changing. Use our online application today to see if you qualify for medical marijuana.