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Understanding Your Ratios of THC and CBD | Difference Between THC and CBD

By Dr. Rohan Patankar

In the past decades, the landscape and legality of marijuana and medical marijuana have changed rapidly. Since 2015, medical marijuana has been legal for Texans with a doctor’s prescription.

While it might seem as if it was simply an illicit drug up to now, marijuana has an extremely long history of medicinal usage. The earliest recorded medicinal usage of marijuana was 2737 BC in China. In fact, for most of its history, up to the 1950s, marijuana has been used as a medicine.

Now that it has re-entered the mainstream, and patients are starting to receive prescriptions, there are many questions arising about exactly what to use, and most benefit from cannabis products. One major question is around the difference between THC and CBD and the ratio of each to choose for your desired results.

This article will provide you with a high-level summary of the difference between THC and CBD, the different ratios, and what to expect from different ratios.


The marijuana plant is composed of 113 identified chemicals called cannabinoids. Each cannabinoid reacts with the body a little bit differently. The best known cannabinoids are THC, which is  Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol and CBD, which is cannabidiol.

THC is the psychoactive component in marijuana, so when there is a higher THC content in the marijuana, it can produce more of this “high” sensation. By comparison, CBD does not produce psychoactive effects, so medical marijuana often has higher CBD content so that it does not affect users in the same way or produce the same “high” effect. CBD has many benefits on its own including pain relief, reduced swelling, and increased mental wellness.

Certain plants cultivated with more THC will have a psychoactive effect that may potentially increase anxiety for some. Luckily, an extra dose of CBD can diminish any effects of anxiety.

Different ratios of CBD and THC will produce different effects in the mind and body, and many of these effects are very personal and cannot be predicted from one person to the next. For this reason, knowing your preferred ratio of THC to CBD can go a long way in setting you up for a pleasant experience. 

Understanding THC & CBD Ratios

Understanding and manipulating THC and CBD ratios are still in its early stages, but some products are beginning to indicate ratios in their labels. Because our needs are so individual, it is not ideal to trust the advice of others when it comes to determining the best ratio for you. The best practice for finding your preferred ratio is to start with very high levels of CBD and slowly titrating (or increasing) levels of THC to discover the ideal ratio for you.

In marijuana ratios, such as 0:1, the first number indicates the CBD, and the second is the THC. So a product that is labeled 0:1 does not have any CBD, only THC, and will produce a stronger “high” sensation. A product labeled 1:0 only has CBD and no THC mixed in, resulting in no psychoactivity. The ideal ratio will include a little of both CBD and THC to enhance mood and provide anxiety relief.

While we hope this article helps understand a little bit more about THC and CBD ratios, it is always best to get some professional advice when getting started with new medicine and understand that it will take some experimenting. At DocMJ we are happy to answer any questions and help get you started with new marijuana products


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