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VidaCann Prides Itself in Providing Patients With a Community Driven, Science-Backed Dispensary


In 2016, the state of Florida voted for the use of medical marijuana for a list of qualifying conditions. Within the past three years there has been tremendous growth and change throughout the industry, with more and more marijuana-related businesses popping in every region. There are currently twenty-two licenses issued and thirteen of those have been approved for dispensation. 

As the year comes to an end, DocMJ took the opportunity to sit down with Peyton Moseley, the Vice President of Product Development for VidaCann, to talk about their journey so far in Florida. Peyton has been a member of the company since 2015, before their application process even began, and is excited for the growth to come in the upcoming years.


How VidaCann Started

The idea of VidaCann came about in Florida during the year 2015, by a group of Florida residents. It is the only company that is 100% privately owned by Floridians and are proud to provide products to the patients in a state they call home. 

In the beginning they ran into some challenges, such as not getting approved for the license by the state. After going through a timely appeal process, they we they were finally approved to begin cultivating and in May 2018 they had their first harvest. Their first store was opened in Daytona Beach and offered only tinctures and capsules.


Growing, Growing, Growing!

In just under two years, VidaCann has opened 13 dispensaries throughout the state in order to provide more easily accessible relief to qualified patients. In addition to the store locations, they have expanded their product line to include topical, vapes, concentrates, and flower. Their lab has expanded tremendously and their cultivation capabilities has experienced a 150% expansion.

The expansion has not always come easily, however. For one, working with the rules and regulations of the individual municipalities throughout the state has been time-consuming. MMTC’s are required to abide by both state and regional laws and regulations, so getting approvals from both parties can sometimes be difficult. Cultivating in Florida has also proven to be a challenge for everyone, as the humidity and weather patterns are unpredictable. After a few challenges they have finally mastered the growing process and are excited to bring new cultivars to patients in the upcoming months. 


What Makes VidaCann Stand Out from the Rest.


One thing Peyton mentioned when discussing the growth of the company was the brands that they have been fortunate enough to pair with. “We partnered with both Tikun Olam and the Stanely Brothers, which both are highly respected companies that we are proud to work with. Both companies are super involved with not only our staff but the community as well, which is something we put a lot of emphasis on.”

Tikun Olam, which translates to “repair the world” in Hebrew, is Israel’s leading cannabis medical brand that has been legally treating patients since 2005. They were the first government approved license in the world and have created a highly researched line of products, like their popular high-CBD strain Avidekel™ and are continuously discovering new strains to help treat specific ailments.

A DocMJ patient who suffers from Crohn’s Disease has found incredible relief from the Erez line – “Erez allows me to feel like a normal person again. I used to feel like I was in a serious relationship with the bathroom from how often my flare-ups would cause me to run into one. Since finding the Erez vape, I can manage my symptoms and not feel like I can’t leave my house due to my disease.”

The Stanely Brothers line was started by a group of brothers who were looking for alternative relief options for their uncle who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2008. Then in 2011 they created The Charlotte’s Web™ line of high-CBD products specifically for a 5-year-old girl who was suffering from Dravet’s Syndrome — a severe form of epilepsy that was causing over 300 grand mal seizures a day. In addition to their high-CBD products, VidaCann also offers various blends of CBD and THC from The Stanley Brothers as well. 


Excited for 2020

“In 2020, we are excited to continue our involvement in the community to educate those who aren’t aware of the relief medical cannabis products can offer. We have new products we will be launching and have plans to hopefully open around 40 new stores by the end of 2020.”

VidaCann prides itself in providing patients with a community driven and science-backed dispensary and is hopeful for what is to come. If you are interested in seeing if you qualify for medical cannabis in order to obtain products that include only cannabis derived terpenes and no harmful additives, book an appointment with one of our many compassionate state-qualified physicians.