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What Does the FDA Say About Medical Marijuana?


What’s the Best Way to Consume THC?

Knowing the many ways in which marijuana is beneficial is the first step to proper use of the drug. The next most important thing to learn is how to use it. There are many delivery methods, and among those, there is no “right” way to consume marijuana. While this information is in no way a recommendation for best practices, we hope you’ll find it helpful to your own path for treatment [1].

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What Are the Different Ways to Consume Marijuana?

The physical and mental health benefits of marijuana carries a positive effect for those who need it. Just as there are a wide variety of reasons that people use marijuana for treatment, there are a number of unique ways to use it. While some are content with smoking or vaping in a traditional way, there exist three main delivery methods: inhalation, topical, and oral. Along with those, there are many techniques serving different functions as appropriate for the occasion at hand. 


Through inhalation, cannabis is absorbed through the bloodstream via the lungs. The most prevalent types of inhalation are smoking and vaporization. Cannabis may be smoked via a hand pipe, water pipe, with rolling papers, through a hookah, or even a homemade smoking device. Vaping is thought to be a healthier option for many as it works by steadily heating the herbs at a temperature high enough to extract cannabinoids but low enough to prevent harmful toxins from releasing during combustion [1]. While science has not proven that smoking marijuana is harmful to health, there is some proof that vaporizing is less harmful [2]. Vaporizing produces less odor than smoking, which is especially noticeable to those new to vaping. There is a wide array of vaporizers available on the market, and since no two people are alike, finding a suitable device is important. A newer form of vaporization, called dabbing, involves dropping cannabis oil or wax onto a heated nail that creates trapped vapor inside of a glass globe [1]. “Dabs” are also sometimes called “BHO,” or Butane Hash Oil and are extremely potent [2]. Some controversy exists over whether dabbing is healthy, since there are concerns about the intense effects that come with inhaling high-THC extracts [1]. 


Many people seek alternatives to both smoking and vaping, and since there are so many options on the market, there is something for everyone. Edibles are at the top of the list when it comes to those seeking new ways to consume marijuana. There is a cannabis recipe for just about any food one can name, but food is not the only way to ingest marijuana. Some other ways to consume marijuana orally are: capsules, sprays, tinctures, drinks, pills, and dissolvable strips. Regardless of the method, it is important to note that it takes longer for cannabis to enter the system when ingested orally and the effects will be stronger. It takes an average of thirty minutes to an hour to feel the effects, up to two hours to feel the peak effects, and about 6 hours for the effects to wear off. Caution is advised when consuming edibles because It is more difficult to gauge these effects. It is best to rely on the advice given and products sold from dispensaries, which are typically regulated [2].


Absorbed through the skin, marijuana topicals are cannabis-infused oils, lotions, salves, sprays, or balms that provide relief from pain, tension, soreness, and inflammation. Researchers are beginning to prove that topicals may also relieve symptoms from itching, psoriasis, and dermatitis. Topicals produce little-to-no psychoactive effects and are preferred by patients who want to experience the therapeutic benefits of marijuana without the feeling of getting high. Newer topicals are quickly arriving on the scene, such as tingly lubricants and transdermal patches. Long-lasting and concentrated, the patches are the only topical method to date which have the potential to cause psychoactive effects, especially if the THC content is high enough. Topicals are created using varying chemical compounds depending on the symptoms they are designed to treat. Choosing the right topical may require some experimentation as each ingredient when added can make all the difference for certain symptoms [3].

Choosing the Delivery Method That is Right for You

Choosing the right delivery method for the consumption of marijuana should be determined by a discussion with your medical marijuana doctor. There is not a one-size-fits-all approach to consuming marijuana, so sometimes there is some trial and error involved in deciding what works best. With the thousands of marijuana strains available today, it is important to understand and discuss their effects with your healthcare provider. In general, the three main types of marijuana strains are indica, sativa, and a hybrid of the two [4].

Is Medical Marijuana Right for Me?

Whether medical marijuana will help your condition depends on many factors best evaluated by a medical doctor. If you feel you may benefit from medical marijuana, the first step is to take our eligibility survey. In just 5 minutes, you could pre-qualify for a recommendation. A Florida Medical Marijuana Doctor can then determine if you qualify during an in-person exam. For more information, visit



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