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Where Can I Buy Medical Marijuana in Florida?

,Buy Medical Marijuana in Florida

Where Can I buy Medical Marijuana in Florida?

Currently in the state of Florida, residents can purchase medical marijuana products as long as they are approved by a licensed MMJ Physician. Patient’s must complete an in-person exam with their MMJ doctor, receive a recommendation for Medical Marijuana stating that they do qualify for medical marijuana, and they must be approved by the state. Once you are approved by the state, you’ll receive an email with your approval that you can print and use to begin purchasing at an approved dispensary, known as a Medical Marijuana Treatment Center in Florida. It generally takes a few weeks to receive your MMJ card in the mail after your application has been approved. You must have your state approval email or MMJ card in order to access and purchase from a medical marijuana treatment center. You can also designate a caregiver on your registry account to make purchases on your behalf, your caregiver is also required to have an approved account with the state registry.


Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers

The state of Florida currently has over 114 dispensaries that are licensed through the Department of Health. These dispensaries are referred to as Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers, or MMTC’s. Some of these dispensaries have storefronts that you can visit to purchase medical marijuana, offer delivery services, or both. The most common dispensaries that you can visit to purchase medical marijuana are Trulieve, Surterra, Knox, Curaleaf and MüV. You can visit the OMMU website for a complete list of licensed dispensaries, their contact information and where they are located by city in Florida. Dispensaries can be located in every major city in Florida such as Gainesville, Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Tallahassee and West Palm Beach. There are also plenty of smaller cities that now have dispensaries, and delivery services are available almost everywhere in the state. You can view products on these dispensaries’ websites, but you must be an approved patient with an active Florida Patient Registry ID card in the state before you can place an order or purchase in-store.


Florida MMJ Products

Products in Florida dispensaries currently range from whole flower, capsules, oils, tinctures, vape cartridges, and topical products. Each dispensary carries their own products. While one dispensary might sell one or two types of whole flower, another dispensary might sell other varieties of that product. Many dispensaries also have their own custom line of products, and some specialize in specific products. For instance, Trulieve has a wide selection of whole flower products, Knox carries numerous vape cartridges, and Surterra features a great selection of transdermal patches and tinctures. Florida MMJ patients have an incredible selection of products and dispensaries to choose from, and as the medical marijuana program progresses, the selection will only continue to grow and improve.


Can I purchase in Florida with another card?

At this time, Florida does not allow outside medical marijuana cards to purchase from a dispensary. You must be able to prove residency or seasonal residency in Florida, you must also have an in-person exam with a licensed medical marijuana physician in Florida and apply for a Florida Registry Identification Card. You can use your Florida medical ID card to purchase in other states that have medical marijuana programs and allow for reciprocity. This means that if you have your Florida MMJ card with you, those states will allow you to purchase from their medical dispensaries. Not all medical marijuana states offer reciprocity, and some states do not accept cards from every state. You can also use your Florida MMJ card in recreational states, as many recreational states will give discounts to medical marijuana patients.

For more information on where to purchase medical marijuana products in Florida, you can visit the OMMU site to view dispensaries in your area. You can also other sites to help you locate local dispensaries or dispensaries that deliver to your area. You can also utilize the DocMJ Facebook support group, DocMJ Patient Connect and Support to talk with other patients on dispensaries, products, dosing, and keeping up with news regarding new dispensaries and new products in Florida.


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