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Who is the Best Marijuana Doctor in Florida?


DocMJ was founded in August, 2016 making our practice one of the first in the state to offer medical marijuana services to Floridians. Since then, we’ve accumulated the skills and knowledge that makes us one of the largest marijuana practices in the state.

From the Panhandle to the Keys

DocMJ provides access to a medical marijuana doctor no matter where you live in Florida. From the Panhandle to the Keys, we’ve got you covered. With over 20 locations and physicians, we’re growing larger each day by constantly adding more offices to our practice. We listen to our patients and go where we are needed most. For more information on locations and booking, you can view our online scheduler.

Along with being available statewide, we also provide evening and weekend exams for those with a busy schedule. Our physicians are dedicated to making sure our patients can find an exam that fits their schedule. Some of our locations have multiple physicians on staff and even allow walk-in appointments, you can call us at 888-908-0143 for more information on which offices provide walk-in exams.

Pay Your Way, Risk Free

One of the advantages of joining our practice is that we offer the most affordable rates in Florida, and our patients can choose which rate works best for them. Florida requires that patients have an in-person exam once every 7 months, so patients can pay for the whole period upfront for $169, or break down payments into 7 payments of just $30 per month. Along with affordable pricing, our services are risk free for those that don’t qualify for medical marijuana. We offer a 100% refund for patients that are disqualified. Our policy is that simple, if you don’t qualify, you shouldn’t have to pay!

Our rates are inclusive and cover the full 7 months of your recommendation with the state, there’s no hidden fees or extra charges, unlike other practices. We believe in honesty and transparency, when it comes to your recommendation, we’ve got you covered from beginning to end. Unlike other practices, DocMJ automatically renews your orders with the state every 70 days for free. Outside of the cost of your exam, the Florida Department of Health requires a $75 payment for your patient application with the state. Our office will provide you with all the tools to complete the states easy online application.

Community and Support

DocMJ is here for our patients. Our team is available by phone, email, text message and online chat. We also boast one of the largest online support groups for medical marijuana patients in the state. Join us on Facebook for contests, support, advice, education and news regarding Florida medical marijuana. We host weekly discussion groups and invite the largest dispensaries in Florida to answer patients’ questions related to products in the state.

DocMJ takes the stress out of staying in compliance with the state. Our patients receive emails, texts and personal phone reminders for when it’s time to scheduling their next exam. We also offer a user-friendly booking website, which allows patients to view openings at every location and select an exam that works best for them. Our online Patient Portal (hyperlink “patient portal” – https://docmj.com/patient-portal-fl/) provides patients with an easy way to manage your own appointments, submit requests to your physician, and apply online for your Medical Marijuana Card. You can also download our Patient Journal, created exclusively for our patients to help track dosing and product selection, as well as other valuable information.

Where Passion Meets Compassion

What sets us aside from others is our commitment to our patients as we lead the way for medical marijuana. We’re passionate and dedicated to the cause. You can find us at community events and hosting seminars to educate the public. We partner with the support group Buds For Vets to provide free exams as a way to thank those who have served. DocMJ also provides services for parents of pediatric patients. We understand the hardship that parents face, and we’re here every step of the way to ensure that each pediatric patient has the personal support they need. Please call our office for questions and assistance with booking a pediatric exam.

Above all, we see our team and our patients as family. Our team started with just a handful of dedicated employees and has continued to grow over the years. Hear what some of our employees have to say:

“I’m very fortunate to be able to work for a company that’s giving people their lives back.” – Chelsea B.

“I have never been at a company that said clients come first, customer service is everything and mean it. They teach you to treat patients like family. “If this was your Grandmother, how would you want her to be treated?” And have always made me feel as if I was family as well. I could tell you a million success stories from patients, which is the most rewarding aspect of my job.” – Autumn L.

“The best part of my career with DocMJ is being able to connect and build a relationship with our patients through social media. I think of our patients as family and I’m always there when they need me, even when they just need a friend, I’m here.” – Noah K.

“I wanted to build a career that was meaningful, that made an impact on people’s lives. At DocMJ, I get to make every patient feel cared for. These aren’t just patients, they’re our friends, they’re our encouragement to keep making a difference.” – Brittany P


  • Telemedicine appointments Available
  • 100% Money Back If not Approved
  • Risk-Free! 100% Refund if you do not qualify
  • Monthly Payment Plan