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CBD from Ohio Medical Marijuana Dispensaries: Will It Get Me High?

In 2018, the Farm Bill was signed into law. Among other things, the bill reclassified hemp as an agricultural product and allowed it to be grown legally. It, along with another action from the Department of Justice, also made some CBD products legal. 

What is CBD Flower and Will it Get Me High?

CBD flower is the flower from the female hemp plant. Essentially, it is comparable to “traditional” marijuana flower you can buy at a dispensary, with one major difference, it will almost completely lack THC. This gives it some substantial benefits for some people, such as those looking for the benefits of CBD concentrates in a different form factor.

One of the biggest differences of CBD flower is that you will not get high from vaping it as it lacks the psychoactive chemicals found in other strains of marijuana, the most well-known being THC. Despite missing THC, though, there are still plenty of medicinal benefits to CBD flower. But why doesn’t CBD make people feel high?

The science behind the “high” is complex and still is not fully agreed upon. Some scientists point to studies showing THC’s effect on the limbic system as the cause of the high [1] while others will say it is due to its effects on the prefrontal cortex is to blame [2]. Still others will say it has nothing to do with either, and instead is due to the similarities between anandamide and THC, the former being a natural endocannabinoid produced by the body [3]. 

Despite this, it has been found that the majority of THC’s euphoric effects can be pinned on its binding with the CB1 receptor [4], a receptor which CBD has been found to actually lower the efficacy of [5]. This negative allosteric modulation is also why many people believe that CBD may, in fact, reduce the effects of THC, further explaining the non-psychoactivity of CBD flower. 

What are the Benefits of CBD Flower?

CBD flower can combine the benefits of both full flower plant matter and CBD concentrates. For some, the high produced by THC is unwanted, but they prefer or need to use plant matter. In this case, CBD flower is perfect, and they can use their preexisting vaporizers.

There are also some serious benefits of plant matter over sublingual and edible concentrates, especially if the concentrate contains only CBD. To start, a study found that CBD administered sublingually or orally have been found to have lower maximum plasma concentrations than those that have been inhaled [6]. It is also worth noting that both inhalation and sublingual application can bypass metabolism, which can alter the chemicals found in the plant matter or concentrate. 

CBD flower may also have the benefit of the entourage effect due to containing the other natural chemicals in marijuana or hemp, along with the cannabinoids. These chemicals include terpenes and flavonoids, which each may exert their own effects on the body. It is thought that these chemicals work along with the cannabinoids through the “entourage effect” [7]. This would mean that compared to the full flower marijuana and marijuana extracts, these concentrates may have lessened or different effects.

Of course, CBD flower also brings all the benefits of CBD along with it, including reducing anxiety, fighting chronic pain, and neuroprotective properties. It can do all of these great things because CBD acts on more than just the endocannabinoid system. Surprisingly, CBD has actually been found to have a low binding affinity for endocannabinoid receptors, like we discussed earlier, but has been found to have effects on several G protein coupled receptors and even specific serotonin receptors [8][9].

In Conclusion

CBD flower is a great addition to many people’s regimens. It is impossible to get high from vaping but keeps many of the great effects that other, higher-THC products offer. For some, it may even be able to produce stronger beneficial effects than comparable concentrates due to the inclusion of the other chemicals that may have been lost in the purification process. If you are looking for a certified, affordable, Ohio medical marijuana doctor, you can book an appointment through our website, or complete our eligibility survey to find out if you pre-qualify for a recommendation!


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