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Winning Plays: The Top Cannabis Strains for Super Bowl 2024

winning plays the top cannabis strains for super bowl 2024

The San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs will be at Super Bowl LVIII this Sunday, February 11th. For people lucky enough to score seats at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, the great rematch between the 49ers and the Chiefs will be an epic event.

The rest of us mere mortals will likely catch the game at a favorite sports bar, at home, or head over to the house of family members or friends. There are few things more American than gathering together to watch the Super Bowl.

The traditional beverages of the Super Bowl may be losing traction with younger generations, however. During Dry January of 2024, cannabis sales in legalized states increased exponentially. That led some to discuss whether alcohol was no longer the first choice for Americans, eclipsed by a new trend of using medicinal or recreational cannabis instead.

Let’s take a look at some of the top trending cannabis strains nationwide and look at how some cannabis brands are getting in on the Super Bowl action.

Why You Won’t See Cannabis Ads During the Super Bowl

As a marketing professional, but admittedly not an NFL fan, there are two reasons why I watch the Super Bowl. First, it is a social event, and that means great food and conversations. Second, I am always blown away by the incredible advertisements and halftime show.

What kind of advertisements are ready to reach millions during Super Bowl 2024? Apparently, we’ll be seeing All-Star NFL veteran Peyton Manning and the UFC CEO Dana White in a commercial with Post Malone for Bud Light. The commercial will feature a Bud Light Genie that grants all wishes.

Jason Momoa, Zach Braff, and Donald Faison are going to be singing and dancing to an interaction of “Flash Dance” in some entertaining commercial for T-Mobile’s new 5G home internet service. Christopher Walken will appear in an ad for BMW, apparently doing different impressions of his own voice, and will be joined by the Grammy-award-winning musician Usher.

There will be a BetMGM commercial that will feature Wayne Gretzky, Tom Brady, and Vince Vaughn, which is rumored to be a comedy skit. Some NFL Hall of Fame players who never won the Super Bowl championship ring will be awarded a special “Almost Champions Ring of Comfort” by M&Ms. Apparently, the lab-grown diamonds for the rings are made from peanut butter.

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Alcohol Beverages Are Allowed: Cannabis Products? Not So Much

Other alcoholic beverage brands will, of course, be featured. However, what you won’t see are any advertisements for cannabis dispensaries, medical marijuana healthcare providers, or celebrity cannabis brands. Since cannabis remains a Schedule I prohibited substance, the Super Bowl accepts no advertisements from cannabis-related businesses.

Cresco Labs launched a new THC-infused chicken wing sauce just in time for the Super Bowl, however. It’s called the “Good News Big Game Sauce”. It was available at many different dispensary locations, but apparently, it sold out quickly.

Choosing the Right Strain for Super Bowl LVIII

Remember that the profiles of cannabis strains can provide a guide, but cannabis genetics combined with factors like personal tolerance, health considerations, and a full or empty stomach can impact how you react to different strains.

The key to picking the right cannabis strains for a social event is figuring out what you want your overall mood to be like.

Life of The Super Bowl Party

If your intention is to get loud and boisterous during the Super Bowl, then you should plan for the kind of strain that helps you feel energetic and alert. A strain that makes you feel talkative is also not the worst idea if you are going to be surrounded by family and friends.

Try to steer clear of an Indica dominant hybrid strain, however. While Indica marijuana strains are popular for nighttime use, they also tend to be the highest THC strains and can cause feelings of heavy sedation. You want to stay away for the game, so choose your strain wisely.

Some elevating strains to consider include:


This strain was bred from Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze. The cannabis tastes sweet, with coffee and earthy undertones, and is reminiscent of the chocolate-flavored cannabis strains that were very popular in the 1980s.

Strain Content:

  • Sativa dominant hybrid (95% Sativa).
  • The average THC content is 22%.
  • Also contains approximately 3% cannabigerol (CBG).

The high-potency strain can provide a mood and energy lift, which makes it ideal for social events. However, given the high ratio of Sativa, it may also cause paranoia or uncomfortable psychedelic effects if too much is consumed. This strain can make you feel talkative and hungry.

Blue Goo

A cross between Blue Dream and Afgoo cannabis strains, Blue Goo is a Sativa-dominant strain with a 50:50 Indica ratio. This strain is very popular on the West Coast and in some southern states because it can stimulate an energizing and sociable mood.

Strain Content:

  • Balanced hybrid strain (50:50).
  • The average THC content is 22%.
  • Also contains 2% cannabidiol (CBD).

Some of the adverse effects of Blue Goo can include cotton mouth and dry, irritated eyes. The psychoactive effects of this strain lean heavily toward a cerebral (or head high), with waves of calm but euphoric or happy feelings.

Some medicinal users share that Blue Goo is good for feelings of anxiety, depression, and low mood.

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Blueberry Headband

You would not expect a cannabis strain that has a higher ratio of Indica to create feelings of high energy, creativity, and relief of anxiety. Blueberry Headband is one of those odd strains that has a 70% Indica ratio but still creates effects similar to one of the higher ratio Sativa strains.

Strain Content:

  • Hybrid strain 70% Indica and 30% Sativa cannabis.
  • Average THC potency varies greatly from 10% to 20%.
  • Negligible levels of CBD.

The flavor of Blueberry Headband is described as earthy and herbal notes, with a lemon scent and a pronounced sweet flavor of blueberries. The immense berry flavor comes from Blueberry genetics x Headband.


The Pez strain is a rare and pure Indica that has strong landrace genetics from Asia. The strain boasts genetics from Afghani and Pakistani original (OG) strains. The history of the strain is a little complicated; some claim it was developed by the University of Washington for patients suffering from symptoms of cancer treatment.

Strain Content:

  • Pure Indica dominant strain.
  • Average THC potency ranges from 12% to 27%.
  • CBD content is <1%.

Some patients who have tried the strain share that the psychoactive effects may slowly present themselves, starting with a mild body tingle from the neck down. Pez is a great strain for relaxation and general feelings of happiness. If the quantity consumed is higher than average, Pez can also cause a case of couchlock.

Generally, people find that this strain is great for socializing, energetic conversations, and also focus and concentration. So you won’t miss any of those big game moments. The strain is also popular, according to cannabis industry professionals, with people who want non-sedating pain relief.

couch crash super bowl

Orange Bud

Would you be surprised to learn that a “Orange Bud” strain has incredible citrus scents and flavors? Probably not. It can be a little hard to find; however, if you have the opportunity to try this strain, you may enjoy it and its fruity flavor profile.

Strain Content:

  • 65% Indica and 35% Sativa hybrid cannabis strain.
  • 16% average THC content.
  • Cannabidiol (CBD) content average is 0.30%.

Can you be relaxed and feel happy at the same time? That is the description of the psychoactive effects of Orange Bud because it can stimulate very strong feelings of euphoria. You may not be bothered if someone eats the last of the queso and tortilla chips at the Super Bowl party. Much.

Sit Graze and Observe Quietly

Not everyone wants to be the life of the party. If you prefer to sit back, smile, and nosh on all the great Super Bowl snacks, you may want to stick to hybrid strains. A dominant or balanced Sativa and Indica strain may help you stay awake (after overeating) but help you feel calm and relaxed if the room gets a little noisy.

Some relaxing (but not overly sedating) cannabis strains to consider include:

American Kush

Arguably one of the more patriotic strains for the Super Bowl, American Cush was developed from Pre-98 Bubba Kush X Sin City Kush strains. If consuming smokable cannabis during the Super Bowl is a priority, you may want to choose one of many different strains because this bud has a dank, solid scent.

Strain Content:

  • 70% Indica and 30% Sativa hybrid strain.
  • 18% to 20% THC potency on average. Some tests have been recorded with 27% THC levels.

American Kush starts light, relaxing, and tingly effects in the head and neck areas that slowly spread to the rest of the body. While this is a sedating strain for most people, it is less likely to result in a couch lock or an unexpected nap.

The flavor and scent of American kush is described as fresh lemon, with some lavender and coffee undertones. It is also a sticky resin-laden bud with orange hairs and gold undertones. American Kush may help with muscle spasms, headaches, and other chronic pain while allowing you to remain cognitively alert.

Secret Cookies

Secret Cookies was developed from Cherry Pie X Kush Mints 11 strains. It has a sour cherry and cookie dough flavor with mint, citrus, and diesel undertones. For a cannabis strain that has less than 20% THC content, it is regarded for potent effects.

Strain Content:

  • Indica hybrid strain.
  • Average 18% THC potency.

What makes this strain a great choice? If you want to be at the Super Bowl party (but not actively participating), the psychoactive effects of Secret Cookies start with euphoric feelings or a happy high. Then, over time, the effects become more relaxing. The perfect strain for sitting on the couch, watching everyone else lose their minds over the fumbles and touch-downs.

Purple Widow

You may find this strain called Purple White Widow in some dispensaries as well. It is a very well-balanced and one of the more popular cannabis hybrid strains. It was developed from White Widow X Purple Power cannabis plants.

Strain Content:

  • 50% Indica and 50% Sativa hybrid cannabis strain.
  • The average THC content is 20% to 22%.
  • Up to 1% CBD content.
  • CBN content of 0.30% to 0.70%.

The Purple Widow strain is legendary for its ability to cause an uplifted mood, combined with relaxing body and emotional effects. According to reviews, the flavor of this strain can be described as sweet, with a hint of fruit and berry flavors and earthy undertones. Purple Widow is considered to be a potent strain that is popular for medicinal users.

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CBD Blue Shark

As the name implies, this strain has an impressive ratio of cannabidiol (CBD) content. That means it is ideal for patients who suffer from chronic pain and other conditions caused by high inflammation. CBD Blue Shark was developed from Skunk #1 X Blueberry X Shark Shock cannabis strains.

CBD Blue Shark is not one of the highest THC strains, with average THC content below 10%. However, the 50% ratio of cannabidiol is very rare, making it an ideal choice for medicinal users.

Strain Content:

  • 60% Indica dominant hybrid strain.
  • <10% THC content.
  • 50% CBD ratio.

The flavor of CBD Blue Shark is described as citrus, with light hints of jasmine. The strain can make you feel happy and relaxed, making it ideal for people who suffer from symptoms of anxiety, and it may offer other therapeutic benefits.

Fire OG

Of the more than 700 different weed strains in the world, Fire OG is known for being one of the highest THC strains. A reason why this strain can pack a punch is that it has robust terpene content, with over twenty different types of terpenes.

Strain Content:

  • It averages 15% to 20% but may contain as much as 32% THC.
  • 0.09% cannabidiol (CBD) content.
  • 22% THC-A

The Indica dominant hybrid strain hits the taste buds with a lemon and pine flavor with earthy scents. The effects of this strain can cause couch lock, so consider it an end-of-game choice if you plan to use it while watching the Super Bowl. Otherwise, you may be asleep by halftime.

What? The Super Bowl Is Today?

Believe it or not, some people don’t make a big deal about Super Bowl. You may be that person, but you are also surrounded by hardcore NFL fans. If that is your reality on Super Bowl Sunday, you may want to choose an Indica dominant strain that can help you take a long nap while everyone else is wagering on the 49ers and the Chiefs.

Grape Ape

This Indica dominant strain earned its name from the grape scent and flavor you may notice when you smoke it. What also makes Grape Ape one of the more popular marijuana strains is that it can provide intense relaxing and sedative effects.

Strain Content:

  • Indica dominant cannabis strain (80% Indica vs. 20% Sativa).
  • 15% to 25% THC content.
  • Good minor cannabinoid content, including cannabidiol (CBD), cannabigerol (CBG), and small amounts of cannabichromene (CBC) and cannabinol (CBN).

How does deep relaxation with a side of happiness sound? Grape Ape is popular among medicinal users for help with insomnia, anxiety, chronic pain, and stress. Because of the high THC and minor cannabinoid content, this strain can be very sedating, which is great if you want to sleep through the Super Bowl while everyone else gathers around the television.

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It really does taste like a sweet treat, and it smells like a dessert when incinerated. The Gelato strain was developed from Sunset Sherbert X Thin Mint GSC (Girl Scout Cookies). It is an interestingly intense strain, and several hybrids developed from Gelato have won the High Times Cannabis Cup.

Strain Content:

  • Averages 20% to 25% THC content.
  • Has good minor cannabinoid content, including CBD, CBG, CBC, and CBN.
  • Almost equal balance with 55% Indica and 45% Sativa lineage.

One of many potent strains, Gelato can cause psychoactive effects that may make you feel creative and euphoric, combined with a body high that is soothing. It is also thought of as a good strain for stress relief.

Hindu Kush

You may also find this strain named Hindi Kush in some medical cannabis dispensaries. It is a 100% pure Indica cannabis strain that originated in Afghanistan. Consumer reviews indicate that the Hindu Kush strain can have a pungent and earthy aroma but may taste like citrus, with sweet spice and floral undertones.

Strain Content:

  • 100% Indica strain.
  • Averages 19% THC content.
  • Contains minor cannabinoid content, including CBC, CBD, and CBG.

Hindu Kush is a popular strain when you want to relax and push the pause button on stress and anxiety. If you are kind of an introvert, and your house is full of football fans, it may be the ideal strain to help you navigate Super Bowl Sunday.

No matter what team you are cheering for, may the odds ever be in your favor.


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